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#ifndef _S390_EXTINT_H
#define _S390_EXTINT_H
* include/asm-s390/s390_ext.h
* S390 version
* Copyright (C) 1999,2000 IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, IBM Corporation
* Author(s): Holger Smolinski (,
* Martin Schwidefsky (
typedef void (*ext_int_handler_t)(struct pt_regs *regs, __u16 code);
* Warning: if you change ext_int_info_t you have to change the
* external interrupt handler in entry.S too.
typedef struct ext_int_info_t {
struct ext_int_info_t *next;
ext_int_handler_t handler;
__u16 code;
} __attribute__ ((packed)) ext_int_info_t;
extern ext_int_info_t *ext_int_hash[];
int register_external_interrupt(__u16 code, ext_int_handler_t handler);
int register_early_external_interrupt(__u16 code, ext_int_handler_t handler,
ext_int_info_t *info);
int unregister_external_interrupt(__u16 code, ext_int_handler_t handler);
int unregister_early_external_interrupt(__u16 code, ext_int_handler_t handler,
ext_int_info_t *info);