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* structures and definitions for the int 15, ax=e820 memory map
* scheme.
* In a nutshell, setup.S populates a scratch table in the
* empty_zero_block that contains a list of usable address/size
* duples. setup.c, this information is transferred into the e820map,
* and in init.c/numa.c, that new information is used to mark pages
* reserved or not.
#ifndef __E820_HEADER
#define __E820_HEADER
#include <linux/mmzone.h>
#define E820MAP 0x2d0 /* our map */
#define E820MAX 128 /* number of entries in E820MAP */
#define E820NR 0x1e8 /* # entries in E820MAP */
#define E820_RAM 1
#define E820_RESERVED 2
#define E820_ACPI 3 /* usable as RAM once ACPI tables have been read */
#define E820_NVS 4
#define HIGH_MEMORY (1024*1024)
#define LOWMEMSIZE() (0x9f000)
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
struct e820entry {
u64 addr; /* start of memory segment */
u64 size; /* size of memory segment */
u32 type; /* type of memory segment */
} __attribute__((packed));
struct e820map {
int nr_map;
struct e820entry map[E820MAX];
extern unsigned long find_e820_area(unsigned long start, unsigned long end,
unsigned size);
extern void add_memory_region(unsigned long start, unsigned long size,
int type);
extern void setup_memory_region(void);
extern void contig_e820_setup(void);
extern unsigned long e820_end_of_ram(void);
extern void e820_reserve_resources(void);
extern void e820_print_map(char *who);
extern int e820_any_mapped(unsigned long start, unsigned long end, unsigned type);
extern int e820_all_mapped(unsigned long start, unsigned long end, unsigned type);
extern void e820_bootmem_free(pg_data_t *pgdat, unsigned long start,unsigned long end);
extern void e820_setup_gap(void);
extern unsigned long e820_hole_size(unsigned long start_pfn,
unsigned long end_pfn);
extern void __init parse_memopt(char *p, char **end);
extern void __init parse_memmapopt(char *p, char **end);
extern struct e820map e820;