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* Copyright 2001-2003 Pavel Machek <>
* Based on code
* Copyright 2001 Patrick Mochel <>
#include <asm/desc.h>
#include <asm/i387.h>
static inline int
return 0;
/* Image of the saved processor state. If you touch this, fix acpi_wakeup.S. */
struct saved_context {
u16 ds, es, fs, gs, ss;
unsigned long gs_base, gs_kernel_base, fs_base;
unsigned long cr0, cr2, cr3, cr4, cr8;
u16 gdt_pad;
u16 gdt_limit;
unsigned long gdt_base;
u16 idt_pad;
u16 idt_limit;
unsigned long idt_base;
u16 ldt;
u16 tss;
unsigned long tr;
unsigned long safety;
unsigned long return_address;
unsigned long eflags;
} __attribute__((packed));
/* We'll access these from assembly, so we'd better have them outside struct */
extern unsigned long saved_context_eax, saved_context_ebx, saved_context_ecx, saved_context_edx;
extern unsigned long saved_context_esp, saved_context_ebp, saved_context_esi, saved_context_edi;
extern unsigned long saved_context_r08, saved_context_r09, saved_context_r10, saved_context_r11;
extern unsigned long saved_context_r12, saved_context_r13, saved_context_r14, saved_context_r15;
extern unsigned long saved_context_eflags;
#define loaddebug(thread,register) \
set_debugreg((thread)->debugreg##register, register)
extern void fix_processor_context(void);
extern unsigned long saved_eip;
extern unsigned long saved_esp;
extern unsigned long saved_ebp;
extern unsigned long saved_ebx;
extern unsigned long saved_esi;
extern unsigned long saved_edi;
/* routines for saving/restoring kernel state */
extern int acpi_save_state_mem(void);