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* File: include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf548/anomaly.h
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#ifndef _MACH_ANOMALY_H_
#define _MACH_ANOMALY_H_
#define ANOMALY_05000074 /* A multi issue instruction with dsp32shiftimm in
slot1 and store of a P register in slot 2 is not
supported */
#define ANOMALY_05000119 /* DMA_RUN bit is not valid after a Peripheral Receive
Channel DMA stops */
#define ANOMALY_05000122 /* Rx.H can not be used to access 16-bit System MMR
registers. */
#define ANOMALY_05000245 /* Spurious Hardware Error from an Access in the
Shadow of a Conditional Branch */
#define ANOMALY_05000255 /* Entering Hibernate Mode with RTC Seconds event
interrupt not functional */
#define ANOMALY_05000265 /* Sensitivity to noise with slow input edge rates on
SPORT external receive and transmit clocks. */
#define ANOMALY_05000272 /* Certain data cache write through modes fail for
VDDint <=0.9V */
#define ANOMALY_05000281 /* False Hardware Error Exception when ISR context is
not restored */
#define ANOMALY_05000310 /* False Hardware Errors Caused by Fetches at the
Boundary of Reserved Memory */
#define ANOMALY_05000312 /* Errors When SSYNC, CSYNC, or Loads to LT, LB and
LC Registers Are Interrupted */
#define ANOMALY_05000324 /* TWI Slave Boot Mode Is Not Functional */
#define ANOMALY_05000325 /* External FIFO Boot Mode Is Not Functional */
#define ANOMALY_05000327 /* Data Lost When Core and DMA Accesses Are Made to
the USB FIFO Simultaneously */
#define ANOMALY_05000328 /* Incorrect Access of OTP_STATUS During otp_write()
function */
#define ANOMALY_05000329 /* Synchronous Burst Flash Boot Mode Is Not Functional
#define ANOMALY_05000330 /* Host DMA Boot Mode Is Not Functional */
#define ANOMALY_05000334 /* Inadequate Timing Margins on DDR DQS to DQ and DQM
Skew */
#define ANOMALY_05000335 /* Inadequate Rotary Debounce Logic Duration */
#define ANOMALY_05000336 /* Phantom Interrupt Occurs After First Configuration
of Host DMA Port */
#define ANOMALY_05000337 /* Disallowed Configuration Prevents Subsequent
Allowed Configuration on Host DMA Port */
#define ANOMALY_05000338 /* Slave-Mode SPI0 MISO Failure With CPHA = 0 */
#endif /* _MACH_ANOMALY_H_ */