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* Copyright (C) 2002 Jeff Dike (
* Licensed under the GPL
#include "linux/sys.h"
#include "linux/ptrace.h"
#include "asm/errno.h"
#include "asm/unistd.h"
#include "asm/ptrace.h"
#include "asm/current.h"
#include "sysdep/syscalls.h"
#include "kern_util.h"
#include "syscall.h"
void handle_syscall(union uml_pt_regs *r)
struct pt_regs *regs = container_of(r, struct pt_regs, regs);
long result;
int syscall;
int index;
index = record_syscall_start(UPT_SYSCALL_NR(r));
syscall_trace(r, 0);
/* This should go in the declaration of syscall, but when I do that,
* strace -f -c bash -c 'ls ; ls' breaks, sometimes not tracing
* children at all, sometimes hanging when bash doesn't see the first
* ls exit.
* The assembly looks functionally the same to me. This is
* gcc version 4.0.1 20050727 (Red Hat 4.0.1-5)
* in case it's a compiler bug.
syscall = UPT_SYSCALL_NR(r);
if((syscall >= NR_syscalls) || (syscall < 0))
result = -ENOSYS;
else result = EXECUTE_SYSCALL(syscall, regs);
REGS_SET_SYSCALL_RETURN(r->skas.regs, result);
syscall_trace(r, 1);
record_syscall_end(index, result);