Merge tag 'xfs-5.14-fixes-1' of git://

Pull xfs fixes from Darrick Wong:
 "A few fixes for issues in the new online shrink code, additional
  corrections for my recent bug-hunt w.r.t. extent size hints on
  realtime, and improved input checking of the GROWFSRT ioctl.

  IOW, the usual 'I somehow got bored during the merge window and
  resumed auditing the farther reaches of xfs':

   - Fix shrink eligibility checking when sparse inode clusters enabled

   - Reset '..' directory entries when unlinking directories to prevent
     verifier errors if fs is shrinked later

   - Don't report unusable extent size hints to FSGETXATTR

   - Don't warn when extent size hints are unusable because the sysadmin
     configured them that way

   - Fix insufficient parameter validation in GROWFSRT ioctl

   - Fix integer overflow when adding rt volumes to filesystem"

* tag 'xfs-5.14-fixes-1' of git://
  xfs: detect misaligned rtinherit directory extent size hints
  xfs: fix an integer overflow error in xfs_growfs_rt
  xfs: improve FSGROWFSRT precondition checking
  xfs: don't expose misaligned extszinherit hints to userspace
  xfs: correct the narrative around misaligned rtinherit/extszinherit dirs
  xfs: reset child dir '..' entry when unlinking child
  xfs: check for sparse inode clusters that cross new EOAG when shrinking