Merge tag 'acpi-6.2-rc2' of git://

Pull ACPI fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These are new ACPI IRQ override quirks, low-power S0 idle (S0ix)
  support adjustments and ACPI backlight handling fixes, mostly for
  platforms using AMD chips.


   - Add ACPI IRQ override quirks for Asus ExpertBook B2502, Lenovo
     14ALC7, and XMG Core 15 (Hans de Goede, Adrian Freund, Erik

   - Adjust ACPI video detection fallback path to prevent
     non-operational ACPI backlight devices from being created on
     systems where the native driver does not detect a suitable panel
     (Mario Limonciello).

   - Fix Apple GMUX backlight detection (Hans de Goede).

   - Add a low-power S0 idle (S0ix) handling quirk for HP Elitebook 865
     and stop using AMD-specific low-power S0 idle code path for systems
     with Rembrandt chips and newer (Mario Limonciello)"

* tag 'acpi-6.2-rc2' of git://
  ACPI: x86: s2idle: Stop using AMD specific codepath for Rembrandt+
  ACPI: x86: s2idle: Force AMD GUID/_REV 2 on HP Elitebook 865
  ACPI: video: Fix Apple GMUX backlight detection
  ACPI: resource: Add Asus ExpertBook B2502 to Asus quirks
  ACPI: resource: do IRQ override on Lenovo 14ALC7
  ACPI: resource: do IRQ override on XMG Core 15
  ACPI: video: Don't enable fallback path for creating ACPI backlight by default
  drm/amd/display: Report to ACPI video if no panels were found
  ACPI: video: Allow GPU drivers to report no panels