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Pull tracing fixes from Steven Rostedt:

 - Do not allow large strings (> 4096) as single write to trace_marker

   The size of a string written into trace_marker was determined by the
   size of the sub-buffer in the ring buffer. That size is dependent on
   the PAGE_SIZE of the architecture as it can be mapped into user
   space. But on PowerPC, where PAGE_SIZE is 64K, that made the limit of
   the string of writing into trace_marker 64K.

   One of the selftests looks at the size of the ring buffer sub-buffers
   and writes that plus more into the trace_marker. The write will take
   what it can and report back what it consumed so that the user space
   application (like echo) will write the rest of the string. The string
   is stored in the ring buffer and can be read via the "trace" or
   "trace_pipe" files.

   The reading of the ring buffer uses vsnprintf(), which uses a
   precision "%.*s" to make sure it only reads what is stored in the
   buffer, as a bug could cause the string to be non terminated.

   With the combination of the precision change and the PAGE_SIZE of 64K
   allowing huge strings to be added into the ring buffer, plus the test
   that would actually stress that limit, a bug was reported that the
   precision used was too big for "%.*s" as the string was close to 64K
   in size and the max precision of vsnprintf is 32K.

   Linus suggested not to have that precision as it could hide a bug if
   the string was again stored without a nul byte.

   Another issue that was brought up is that the trace_seq buffer is
   also based on PAGE_SIZE even though it is not tied to the
   architecture limit like the ring buffer sub-buffer is. Having it be
   64K * 2 is simply just too big and wasting memory on systems with 64K
   page sizes. It is now hardcoded to 8K which is what all other
   architectures with 4K PAGE_SIZE has.

   Finally, the write to trace_marker is now limited to 4K as there is
   no reason to write larger strings into trace_marker.

 - ring_buffer_wait() should not loop.

   The ring_buffer_wait() does not have the full context (yet) on if it
   should loop or not. Just exit the loop as soon as its woken up and
   let the callers decide to loop or not (they already do, so it's a bit

 - Fix shortest_full field to be the smallest amount in the ring buffer
   that a waiter is waiting for. The "shortest_full" field is updated
   when a new waiter comes in and wants to wait for a smaller amount of
   data in the ring buffer than other waiters. But after all waiters are
   woken up, it's not reset, so if another waiter comes in wanting to
   wait for more data, it will be woken up when the ring buffer has a
   smaller amount from what the previous waiters were waiting for.

 - The wake up all waiters on close is incorrectly called frome
   .release() and not from .flush() so it will never wake up any waiters
   as the .release() will not get called until all .read() calls are
   finished. And the wakeup is for the waiters in those .read() calls.

* tag 'trace-ring-buffer-v6.8-rc7' of git://
  tracing: Use .flush() call to wake up readers
  ring-buffer: Fix resetting of shortest_full
  ring-buffer: Fix waking up ring buffer readers
  tracing: Limit trace_marker writes to just 4K
  tracing: Limit trace_seq size to just 8K and not depend on architecture PAGE_SIZE
  tracing: Remove precision vsnprintf() check from print event