afs: Optimise callback breaking by not repeating volume lookup

At the moment, afs_break_callbacks calls afs_break_one_callback() for each
separate FID it was given, and the latter looks up the volume individually
for each one.

However, this is inefficient if two or more FIDs have the same vid as we
could reuse the volume.  This is complicated by cell aliasing whereby we
may have multiple cells sharing a volume and can therefore have multiple
callback interests for any particular volume ID.

At the moment afs_break_one_callback() scans the entire list of volumes
we're getting from a server and breaks the appropriate callback in every
matching volume, regardless of cell.  This scan is done for every FID.

Optimise callback breaking by the following means:

 (1) Sort the FID list by vid so that all FIDs belonging to the same volume
     are clumped together.

     This is done through the use of an indirection table as we cannot do
     an insertion sort on the afs_callback_break array as we decode FIDs
     into it as we subsequently also have to decode callback info into it
     that corresponds by array index only.

     We also don't really want to bubblesort afterwards if we can avoid it.

 (2) Sort the server->cb_interests array by vid so that all the matching
     volumes are grouped together.  This permits the scan to stop after
     finding a record that has a higher vid.

 (3) When breaking FIDs, we try to keep server->cb_break_lock as long as
     possible, caching the start point in the array for that volume group
     as long as possible.

     It might make sense to add another layer in that list and have a
     refcounted volume ID anchor that has the matching interests attached
     to it rather than being in the list.  This would allow the lock to be
     dropped without losing the cursor.

Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
3 files changed