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# A script to format BK changeset output in a manner that is easy to read.
# Andreas Dilger <> 13/02/2002
# Add diffstat output after Changelog <> 21/02/2002
usage() {
echo "usage: $PROG -r<rev>"
echo -e "\twhere <rev> is of the form '1.23', '1.23..', '1.23..1.27',"
echo -e "\tor '+' to indicate the most recent revision"
exit 1
case $1 in
-r) REV=$2; shift ;;
-r*) REV=`echo $1 | sed 's/^-r//'` ;;
*) echo "$PROG: no revision given, you probably don't want that";;
[ -z "$REV" ] && usage
echo "You can import this changeset into BK by piping this whole message to:"
echo "'| bk receive [path to repository]' or apply the patch as usual."
echo -e $SEP
env PAGER=/bin/cat bk changes -r$REV
bk export -tpatch -du -h -r$REV | diffstat
echo; echo
bk export -tpatch -du -h -r$REV
echo -e $SEP
bk send -wgzip_uu -r$REV -