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* drivers/net/ibm_emac/ibm_emac_core.h
* Driver for PowerPC 4xx on-chip ethernet controller.
* Copyright (c) 2004, 2005 Zultys Technologies.
* Eugene Surovegin <> or <>
* Based on original work by
* Armin Kuster <>
* Johnnie Peters <>
* Copyright 2000, 2001 MontaVista Softare Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
#ifndef __IBM_EMAC_CORE_H_
#define __IBM_EMAC_CORE_H_
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#include <linux/dma-mapping.h>
#include <asm/ocp.h>
#include "ibm_emac.h"
#include "ibm_emac_phy.h"
#include "ibm_emac_zmii.h"
#include "ibm_emac_rgmii.h"
#include "ibm_emac_mal.h"
#include "ibm_emac_tah.h"
/* Simple sanity check */
#if NUM_TX_BUFF > 256 || NUM_RX_BUFF > 256
#error Invalid number of buffer descriptors (greater than 256)
// XXX
#define EMAC_MIN_MTU 46
#define EMAC_MAX_MTU 9000
/* Maximum L2 header length (VLAN tagged, no FCS) */
#define EMAC_MTU_OVERHEAD (6 * 2 + 2 + 4)
/* RX BD size for the given MTU */
static inline int emac_rx_size(int mtu)
if (mtu > ETH_DATA_LEN)
return mal_rx_size(ETH_DATA_LEN + EMAC_MTU_OVERHEAD);
#define EMAC_DMA_ALIGN(x) ALIGN((x), dma_get_cache_alignment())
/* Size of RX skb for the given MTU */
static inline int emac_rx_skb_size(int mtu)
int size = max(mtu + EMAC_MTU_OVERHEAD, emac_rx_size(mtu));
/* RX DMA sync size */
static inline int emac_rx_sync_size(int mtu)
return EMAC_DMA_ALIGN(emac_rx_size(mtu) + 2);
/* Driver statistcs is split into two parts to make it more cache friendly:
* - normal statistics (packet count, etc)
* - error statistics
* When statistics is requested by ethtool, these parts are concatenated,
* normal one goes first.
* Please, keep these structures in sync with emac_stats_keys.
/* Normal TX/RX Statistics */
struct ibm_emac_stats {
u64 rx_packets;
u64 rx_bytes;
u64 tx_packets;
u64 tx_bytes;
u64 rx_packets_csum;
u64 tx_packets_csum;
/* Error statistics */
struct ibm_emac_error_stats {
u64 tx_undo;
/* Software RX Errors */
u64 rx_dropped_stack;
u64 rx_dropped_oom;
u64 rx_dropped_error;
u64 rx_dropped_resize;
u64 rx_dropped_mtu;
u64 rx_stopped;
/* BD reported RX errors */
u64 rx_bd_errors;
u64 rx_bd_overrun;
u64 rx_bd_bad_packet;
u64 rx_bd_runt_packet;
u64 rx_bd_short_event;
u64 rx_bd_alignment_error;
u64 rx_bd_bad_fcs;
u64 rx_bd_packet_too_long;
u64 rx_bd_out_of_range;
u64 rx_bd_in_range;
/* EMAC IRQ reported RX errors */
u64 rx_parity;
u64 rx_fifo_overrun;
u64 rx_overrun;
u64 rx_bad_packet;
u64 rx_runt_packet;
u64 rx_short_event;
u64 rx_alignment_error;
u64 rx_bad_fcs;
u64 rx_packet_too_long;
u64 rx_out_of_range;
u64 rx_in_range;
/* Software TX Errors */
u64 tx_dropped;
/* BD reported TX errors */
u64 tx_bd_errors;
u64 tx_bd_bad_fcs;
u64 tx_bd_carrier_loss;
u64 tx_bd_excessive_deferral;
u64 tx_bd_excessive_collisions;
u64 tx_bd_late_collision;
u64 tx_bd_multple_collisions;
u64 tx_bd_single_collision;
u64 tx_bd_underrun;
u64 tx_bd_sqe;
/* EMAC IRQ reported TX errors */
u64 tx_parity;
u64 tx_underrun;
u64 tx_sqe;
u64 tx_errors;
#define EMAC_ETHTOOL_STATS_COUNT ((sizeof(struct ibm_emac_stats) + \
sizeof(struct ibm_emac_error_stats)) \
/ sizeof(u64))
struct ocp_enet_private {
struct net_device *ndev; /* 0 */
struct emac_regs __iomem *emacp;
struct mal_descriptor *tx_desc;
int tx_cnt;
int tx_slot;
int ack_slot;
struct mal_descriptor *rx_desc;
int rx_slot;
struct sk_buff *rx_sg_skb; /* 1 */
int rx_skb_size;
int rx_sync_size;
struct ibm_emac_stats stats;
struct ocp_device *tah_dev;
struct ibm_ocp_mal *mal;
struct mal_commac commac;
struct sk_buff *tx_skb[NUM_TX_BUFF];
struct sk_buff *rx_skb[NUM_RX_BUFF];
struct ocp_device *zmii_dev;
int zmii_input;
struct ocp_enet_private *mdio_dev;
struct ocp_device *rgmii_dev;
int rgmii_input;
struct ocp_def *def;
struct mii_phy phy;
struct timer_list link_timer;
int reset_failed;
int stop_timeout; /* in us */
struct ibm_emac_error_stats estats;
struct net_device_stats nstats;
struct device* ldev;
/* Ethtool get_regs complex data.
* We want to get not just EMAC registers, but also MAL, ZMII, RGMII, TAH
* when available.
* Returned BLOB consists of the ibm_emac_ethtool_regs_hdr,
* MAL registers, EMAC registers and optional ZMII, RGMII, TAH registers.
* Each register component is preceded with emac_ethtool_regs_subhdr.
* Order of the optional headers follows their relative bit posititions
* in emac_ethtool_regs_hdr.components
#define EMAC_ETHTOOL_REGS_ZMII 0x00000001
#define EMAC_ETHTOOL_REGS_RGMII 0x00000002
#define EMAC_ETHTOOL_REGS_TAH 0x00000004
struct emac_ethtool_regs_hdr {
u32 components;
struct emac_ethtool_regs_subhdr {
u32 version;
u32 index;
#endif /* __IBM_EMAC_CORE_H_ */