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* Access to VGA videoram
* (c) 1998 Martin Mares <>
#ifndef _LINUX_ASM_VGA_H_
#define _LINUX_ASM_VGA_H_
#include <asm/io.h>
#define VT_BUF_HAVE_RW
extern inline void scr_writew(u16 val, volatile u16 *addr)
if (__is_ioaddr(addr))
__raw_writew(val, (volatile u16 __iomem *) addr);
*addr = val;
extern inline u16 scr_readw(volatile const u16 *addr)
if (__is_ioaddr(addr))
return __raw_readw((volatile const u16 __iomem *) addr);
return *addr;
extern inline void scr_memsetw(u16 *s, u16 c, unsigned int count)
if (__is_ioaddr(s))
memsetw_io((u16 __iomem *) s, c, count);
memsetw(s, c, count);
/* Do not trust that the usage will be correct; analyze the arguments. */
extern void scr_memcpyw(u16 *d, const u16 *s, unsigned int count);
/* ??? These are currently only used for downloading character sets. As
such, they don't need memory barriers. Is this all they are intended
to be used for? */
#define vga_readb(a) readb((u8 __iomem *)(a))
#define vga_writeb(v,a) writeb(v, (u8 __iomem *)(a))
#define VGA_MAP_MEM(x) ((unsigned long) ioremap(x, 0))