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* linux/include/asm-arm/vfpmacros.h
* Assembler-only file containing VFP macros and register definitions.
#include "vfp.h"
@ Macros to allow building with old toolkits (with no VFP support)
.macro VFPFMRX, rd, sysreg, cond
MRC\cond p10, 7, \rd, \sysreg, cr0, 0 @ FMRX \rd, \sysreg
.macro VFPFMXR, sysreg, rd, cond
MCR\cond p10, 7, \rd, \sysreg, cr0, 0 @ FMXR \sysreg, \rd
@ read all the working registers back into the VFP
.macro VFPFLDMIA, base
LDC p11, cr0, [\base],#33*4 @ FLDMIAX \base!, {d0-d15}
@ write all the working registers out of the VFP
.macro VFPFSTMIA, base
STC p11, cr0, [\base],#33*4 @ FSTMIAX \base!, {d0-d15}