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* drivers/s390/char/sclp.h
* S390 version
* Copyright (C) 1999 IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, IBM Corporation
* Author(s): Martin Peschke <>
* Martin Schwidefsky <>
#ifndef __SCLP_H__
#define __SCLP_H__
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <asm/ebcdic.h>
/* maximum number of pages concerning our own memory management */
#define MAX_KMEM_PAGES (sizeof(unsigned long) << 3)
#define EvTyp_OpCmd 0x01
#define EvTyp_Msg 0x02
#define EvTyp_StateChange 0x08
#define EvTyp_PMsgCmd 0x09
#define EvTyp_CntlProgOpCmd 0x20
#define EvTyp_CntlProgIdent 0x0B
#define EvTyp_SigQuiesce 0x1D
#define EvTyp_VT220Msg 0x1A
#define EvTyp_OpCmd_Mask 0x80000000
#define EvTyp_Msg_Mask 0x40000000
#define EvTyp_StateChange_Mask 0x01000000
#define EvTyp_PMsgCmd_Mask 0x00800000
#define EvTyp_CtlProgOpCmd_Mask 0x00000001
#define EvTyp_CtlProgIdent_Mask 0x00200000
#define EvTyp_SigQuiesce_Mask 0x00000008
#define EvTyp_VT220Msg_Mask 0x00000040
#define GnrlMsgFlgs_DOM 0x8000
#define GnrlMsgFlgs_SndAlrm 0x4000
#define GnrlMsgFlgs_HoldMsg 0x2000
#define LnTpFlgs_CntlText 0x8000
#define LnTpFlgs_LabelText 0x4000
#define LnTpFlgs_DataText 0x2000
#define LnTpFlgs_EndText 0x1000
#define LnTpFlgs_PromptText 0x0800
typedef unsigned int sclp_cmdw_t;
#define SCLP_CMDW_READDATA 0x00770005
#define SCLP_CMDW_WRITEDATA 0x00760005
#define SCLP_CMDW_WRITEMASK 0x00780005
#define GDS_ID_MDSMU 0x1310
#define GDS_ID_MDSRouteInfo 0x1311
#define GDS_ID_AgUnWrkCorr 0x1549
#define GDS_ID_SNACondReport 0x1532
#define GDS_ID_CPMSU 0x1212
#define GDS_ID_RoutTargInstr 0x154D
#define GDS_ID_OpReq 0x8070
#define GDS_ID_TextCmd 0x1320
#define GDS_KEY_SelfDefTextMsg 0x31
typedef u32 sccb_mask_t; /* ATTENTION: assumes 32bit mask !!! */
struct sccb_header {
u16 length;
u8 function_code;
u8 control_mask[3];
u16 response_code;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct gds_subvector {
u8 length;
u8 key;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct gds_vector {
u16 length;
u16 gds_id;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct evbuf_header {
u16 length;
u8 type;
u8 flags;
u16 _reserved;
} __attribute__((packed));
struct sclp_req {
struct list_head list; /* list_head for request queueing. */
sclp_cmdw_t command; /* sclp command to execute */
void *sccb; /* pointer to the sccb to execute */
char status; /* status of this request */
int start_count; /* number of SVCs done for this req */
/* Callback that is called after reaching final status. */
void (*callback)(struct sclp_req *, void *data);
void *callback_data;
#define SCLP_REQ_FILLED 0x00 /* request is ready to be processed */
#define SCLP_REQ_QUEUED 0x01 /* request is queued to be processed */
#define SCLP_REQ_RUNNING 0x02 /* request is currently running */
#define SCLP_REQ_DONE 0x03 /* request is completed successfully */
#define SCLP_REQ_FAILED 0x05 /* request is finally failed */
/* function pointers that a high level driver has to use for registration */
/* of some routines it wants to be called from the low level driver */
struct sclp_register {
struct list_head list;
/* event masks this user is registered for */
sccb_mask_t receive_mask;
sccb_mask_t send_mask;
/* actually present events */
sccb_mask_t sclp_receive_mask;
sccb_mask_t sclp_send_mask;
/* called if event type availability changes */
void (*state_change_fn)(struct sclp_register *);
/* called for events in cp_receive_mask/sclp_receive_mask */
void (*receiver_fn)(struct evbuf_header *);
/* externals from sclp.c */
int sclp_add_request(struct sclp_req *req);
void sclp_sync_wait(void);
int sclp_register(struct sclp_register *reg);
void sclp_unregister(struct sclp_register *reg);
int sclp_remove_processed(struct sccb_header *sccb);
int sclp_deactivate(void);
int sclp_reactivate(void);
/* useful inlines */
/* VM uses EBCDIC 037, LPAR+native(SE+HMC) use EBCDIC 500 */
/* translate single character from ASCII to EBCDIC */
static inline unsigned char
sclp_ascebc(unsigned char ch)
return (MACHINE_IS_VM) ? _ascebc[ch] : _ascebc_500[ch];
/* translate string from EBCDIC to ASCII */
static inline void
sclp_ebcasc_str(unsigned char *str, int nr)
(MACHINE_IS_VM) ? EBCASC(str, nr) : EBCASC_500(str, nr);
/* translate string from ASCII to EBCDIC */
static inline void
sclp_ascebc_str(unsigned char *str, int nr)
(MACHINE_IS_VM) ? ASCEBC(str, nr) : ASCEBC_500(str, nr);
#endif /* __SCLP_H__ */