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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (c) 2016 MediaTek Inc.
* Author: PoChun Lin <>
#ifndef _VENC_VPU_IF_H_
#define _VENC_VPU_IF_H_
#include "mtk_vcodec_fw.h"
#include "venc_drv_if.h"
* struct venc_vpu_inst - encoder VPU driver instance
* @wq_hd: wait queue used for vpu cmd trigger then wait vpu interrupt done
* @signaled: flag used for checking vpu interrupt done
* @failure: flag to show vpu cmd succeeds or not
* @state: enum venc_ipi_msg_enc_state
* @bs_size: bitstream size for skip frame case usage
* @is_key_frm: key frame flag
* @inst_addr: VPU instance addr
* @vsi: driver structure allocated by VPU side and shared to AP side for
* control and info share
* @id: the id of inter-processor interrupt
* @ctx: context for v4l2 layer integration
* @dev: device for v4l2 layer integration
struct venc_vpu_inst {
wait_queue_head_t wq_hd;
int signaled;
int failure;
int state;
int bs_size;
int is_key_frm;
unsigned int inst_addr;
void *vsi;
int id;
struct mtk_vcodec_ctx *ctx;
int vpu_enc_init(struct venc_vpu_inst *vpu);
int vpu_enc_set_param(struct venc_vpu_inst *vpu,
enum venc_set_param_type id,
struct venc_enc_param *param);
int vpu_enc_encode(struct venc_vpu_inst *vpu, unsigned int bs_mode,
struct venc_frm_buf *frm_buf,
struct mtk_vcodec_mem *bs_buf,
unsigned int *bs_size,
struct venc_frame_info *frame_info);
int vpu_enc_deinit(struct venc_vpu_inst *vpu);