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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Xen Event Channels (internal header)
* Copyright (C) 2013 Citrix Systems R&D Ltd.
struct evtchn_loop_ctrl;
struct evtchn_ops {
unsigned (*max_channels)(void);
unsigned (*nr_channels)(void);
int (*setup)(evtchn_port_t port);
void (*remove)(evtchn_port_t port, unsigned int cpu);
void (*bind_to_cpu)(evtchn_port_t evtchn, unsigned int cpu,
unsigned int old_cpu);
void (*clear_pending)(evtchn_port_t port);
void (*set_pending)(evtchn_port_t port);
bool (*is_pending)(evtchn_port_t port);
void (*mask)(evtchn_port_t port);
void (*unmask)(evtchn_port_t port);
void (*handle_events)(unsigned cpu, struct evtchn_loop_ctrl *ctrl);
void (*resume)(void);
int (*percpu_init)(unsigned int cpu);
int (*percpu_deinit)(unsigned int cpu);
extern const struct evtchn_ops *evtchn_ops;
int get_evtchn_to_irq(evtchn_port_t evtchn);
void handle_irq_for_port(evtchn_port_t port, struct evtchn_loop_ctrl *ctrl);
unsigned int cpu_from_evtchn(evtchn_port_t evtchn);
static inline unsigned xen_evtchn_max_channels(void)
return evtchn_ops->max_channels();
* Do any ABI specific setup for a bound event channel before it can
* be unmasked and used.
static inline int xen_evtchn_port_setup(evtchn_port_t evtchn)
if (evtchn_ops->setup)
return evtchn_ops->setup(evtchn);
return 0;
static inline void xen_evtchn_port_remove(evtchn_port_t evtchn,
unsigned int cpu)
if (evtchn_ops->remove)
evtchn_ops->remove(evtchn, cpu);
static inline void xen_evtchn_port_bind_to_cpu(evtchn_port_t evtchn,
unsigned int cpu,
unsigned int old_cpu)
evtchn_ops->bind_to_cpu(evtchn, cpu, old_cpu);
static inline void clear_evtchn(evtchn_port_t port)
static inline void set_evtchn(evtchn_port_t port)
static inline bool test_evtchn(evtchn_port_t port)
return evtchn_ops->is_pending(port);
static inline void mask_evtchn(evtchn_port_t port)
return evtchn_ops->mask(port);
static inline void unmask_evtchn(evtchn_port_t port)
return evtchn_ops->unmask(port);
static inline void xen_evtchn_handle_events(unsigned cpu,
struct evtchn_loop_ctrl *ctrl)
return evtchn_ops->handle_events(cpu, ctrl);
static inline void xen_evtchn_resume(void)
if (evtchn_ops->resume)
void xen_evtchn_2l_init(void);
int xen_evtchn_fifo_init(void);
#endif /* #ifndef __EVENTS_INTERNAL_H__ */