Merge tag 'xfs-5.19-fixes-4' of git://

Pull xfs fixes from Darrick Wong:
 "This fixes some stalling problems and corrects the last of the
  problems (I hope) observed during testing of the new atomic xattr
  update feature.

   - Fix statfs blocking on background inode gc workers

   - Fix some broken inode lock assertion code

   - Fix xattr leaf buffer leaks when cancelling a deferred xattr update

   - Clean up xattr recovery to make it easier to understand.

   - Fix xattr leaf block verifiers tripping over empty blocks.

   - Remove complicated and error prone xattr leaf block bholding mess.

   - Fix a bug where an rt extent crossing EOF was treated as "posteof"
     blocks and cleaned unnecessarily.

   - Fix a UAF when log shutdown races with unmount"

* tag 'xfs-5.19-fixes-4' of git://
  xfs: prevent a UAF when log IO errors race with unmount
  xfs: dont treat rt extents beyond EOF as eofblocks to be cleared
  xfs: don't hold xattr leaf buffers across transaction rolls
  xfs: empty xattr leaf header blocks are not corruption
  xfs: clean up the end of xfs_attri_item_recover
  xfs: always free xattri_leaf_bp when cancelling a deferred op
  xfs: use invalidate_lock to check the state of mmap_lock
  xfs: factor out the common lock flags assert
  xfs: introduce xfs_inodegc_push()
  xfs: bound maximum wait time for inodegc work