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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) 2021 Google LLC
* Author: Fuad Tabba <>
#ifndef __ARM64_KVM_NVHE_PKVM_H__
#define __ARM64_KVM_NVHE_PKVM_H__
#include <asm/kvm_pkvm.h>
#include <nvhe/gfp.h>
#include <nvhe/spinlock.h>
* Holds the relevant data for maintaining the vcpu state completely at hyp.
struct pkvm_hyp_vcpu {
struct kvm_vcpu vcpu;
/* Backpointer to the host's (untrusted) vCPU instance. */
struct kvm_vcpu *host_vcpu;
* Holds the relevant data for running a protected vm.
struct pkvm_hyp_vm {
struct kvm kvm;
/* Backpointer to the host's (untrusted) KVM instance. */
struct kvm *host_kvm;
/* The guest's stage-2 page-table managed by the hypervisor. */
struct kvm_pgtable pgt;
struct kvm_pgtable_mm_ops mm_ops;
struct hyp_pool pool;
hyp_spinlock_t lock;
* The number of vcpus initialized and ready to run.
* Modifying this is protected by 'vm_table_lock'.
unsigned int nr_vcpus;
/* Array of the hyp vCPU structures for this VM. */
struct pkvm_hyp_vcpu *vcpus[];
static inline struct pkvm_hyp_vm *
pkvm_hyp_vcpu_to_hyp_vm(struct pkvm_hyp_vcpu *hyp_vcpu)
return container_of(hyp_vcpu->vcpu.kvm, struct pkvm_hyp_vm, kvm);
void pkvm_hyp_vm_table_init(void *tbl);
int __pkvm_init_vm(struct kvm *host_kvm, unsigned long vm_hva,
unsigned long pgd_hva);
int __pkvm_init_vcpu(pkvm_handle_t handle, struct kvm_vcpu *host_vcpu,
unsigned long vcpu_hva);
int __pkvm_teardown_vm(pkvm_handle_t handle);
struct pkvm_hyp_vcpu *pkvm_load_hyp_vcpu(pkvm_handle_t handle,
unsigned int vcpu_idx);
void pkvm_put_hyp_vcpu(struct pkvm_hyp_vcpu *hyp_vcpu);
#endif /* __ARM64_KVM_NVHE_PKVM_H__ */