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Amlogic AXG sound card:
Required properties:
- compatible: "amlogic,axg-sound-card"
- model : User specified audio sound card name, one string
Optional properties:
- audio-aux-devs : List of phandles pointing to auxiliary devices
- audio-widgets : Please refer to widgets.txt.
- audio-routing : A list of the connections between audio components.
- dai-link: Container for dai-link level properties and the CODEC
sub-nodes. There should be at least one (and probably more)
subnode of this type.
Required dai-link properties:
- sound-dai: phandle and port of the CPU DAI.
Required TDM Backend dai-link properties:
- dai-format : CPU/CODEC common audio format
Optional TDM Backend dai-link properties:
- dai-tdm-slot-rx-mask-{0,1,2,3}: Receive direction slot masks
- dai-tdm-slot-tx-mask-{0,1,2,3}: Transmit direction slot masks
When omitted, mask is assumed to have to no
slots. A valid must have at one slot, so at
least one these mask should be provided with
an enabled slot.
- dai-tdm-slot-num : Please refer to tdm-slot.txt.
If omitted, slot number is set to accommodate the largest
mask provided.
- dai-tdm-slot-width : Please refer to tdm-slot.txt. default to 32 if omitted.
- mclk-fs : Multiplication factor between stream rate and mclk
Backend dai-link subnodes:
- codec: dai-link representing backend links should have at least one subnode.
One subnode for each codec of the dai-link.
dai-link representing frontend links have no codec, therefore have no
Required codec subnodes properties:
- sound-dai: phandle and port of the CODEC DAI.
Optional codec subnodes properties:
- dai-tdm-slot-tx-mask : Please refer to tdm-slot.txt.
- dai-tdm-slot-rx-mask : Please refer to tdm-slot.txt.
sound {
compatible = "amlogic,axg-sound-card";
model = "AXG-S420";
audio-aux-devs = <&tdmin_a>, <&tdmout_c>;
audio-widgets = "Line", "Lineout",
"Line", "Linein",
"Speaker", "Speaker1 Left",
"Speaker", "Speaker1 Right";
"Speaker", "Speaker2 Left",
"Speaker", "Speaker2 Right";
audio-routing = "TDMOUT_C IN 0", "FRDDR_A OUT 2",
"TDM_C Playback", "TDMOUT_C OUT",
"TDMIN_A IN 2", "TDM_C Capture",
"TDMIN_A IN 5", "TDM_C Loopback",
"Lineout", "Lineout AOUTL",
"Lineout", "Lineout AOUTR",
"Speaker1 Left", "SPK1 OUT_A",
"Speaker2 Left", "SPK2 OUT_A",
"Speaker1 Right", "SPK1 OUT_B",
"Speaker2 Right", "SPK2 OUT_B",
"Linein AINL", "Linein",
"Linein AINR", "Linein";
dai-link@0 {
sound-dai = <&frddr_a>;
dai-link@1 {
sound-dai = <&toddr_a>;
dai-link@2 {
sound-dai = <&tdmif_c>;
dai-format = "i2s";
dai-tdm-slot-tx-mask-2 = <1 1>;
dai-tdm-slot-tx-mask-3 = <1 1>;
dai-tdm-slot-rx-mask-1 = <1 1>;
mclk-fs = <256>;
codec@0 {
sound-dai = <&lineout>;
codec@1 {
sound-dai = <&speaker_amp1>;
codec@2 {
sound-dai = <&speaker_amp2>;
codec@3 {
sound-dai = <&linein>;
dai-link@3 {
sound-dai = <&spdifout>;
codec {
sound-dai = <&spdif_dit>;