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CS35L35 Boosted Speaker Amplifier
Required properties:
- compatible : "cirrus,cs35l35"
- reg : the I2C address of the device for I2C
- VA-supply, VP-supply : power supplies for the device,
as covered in
- interrupts : IRQ line info CS35L35.
(See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/interrupt-controller/interrupts.txt
for further information relating to interrupt properties)
- cirrus,boost-ind-nanohenry: Inductor value for boost converter. The value is
in nH and they can be values of 1000nH, 1200nH, 1500nH, and 2200nH.
Optional properties:
- reset-gpios : gpio used to reset the amplifier
- cirrus,stereo-config : Boolean to determine if there are 2 AMPs for a
Stereo configuration
- cirrus,audio-channel : Set Location of Audio Signal on Serial Port
0 = Data Packet received on Left I2S Channel
1 = Data Packet received on Right I2S Channel
- cirrus,advisory-channel : Set Location of Advisory Signal on Serial Port
0 = Data Packet received on Left I2S Channel
1 = Data Packet received on Right I2S Channel
- cirrus,shared-boost : Boolean to enable ClassH tracking of Advisory Signal
if 2 Devices share Boost BST_CTL
- cirrus,external-boost : Boolean to specify the device is using an external
boost supply, note that sharing a boost from another cs35l35 would constitute
using an external supply for the slave device
- cirrus,sp-drv-strength : Value for setting the Serial Port drive strength
Table 3-10 of the datasheet lists drive-strength specifications
0 = 1x (Default)
1 = .5x
- cirrus,sp-drv-unused : Determines how unused slots should be driven on the
Serial Port.
0 - Hi-Z
2 - Drive 0's (Default)
3 - Drive 1's
- cirrus,bst-pdn-fet-on : Boolean to determine if the Boost PDN control
powers down with a rectification FET On or Off. If VSPK is supplied
externally then FET is off.
- cirrus,boost-ctl-millivolt : Boost Voltage Value. Configures the boost
converter's output voltage in mV. The range is from 2600mV to 9000mV with
increments of 100mV.
(Default) VP
- cirrus,boost-peak-milliamp : Boost-converter peak current limit in mA.
Configures the peak current by monitoring the current through the boost FET.
Range starts at 1680mA and goes to a maximum of 4480mA with increments of
(Default) 2.46 Amps
- cirrus,amp-gain-zc : Boolean to determine if to use Amplifier gain-change
Optional H/G Algorithm sub-node:
The cs35l35 node can have a single "cirrus,classh-internal-algo" sub-node
that will disable automatic control of the internal H/G Algorithm.
It is strongly recommended that the Datasheet be referenced when adjusting
or using these Class H Algorithm controls over the internal Algorithm.
Serious damage can occur to the Device and surrounding components.
- cirrus,classh-internal-algo : Sub-node for the Internal Class H Algorithm
See Section 4.3 Internal Class H Algorithm in the Datasheet.
If not used, the device manages the ClassH Algorithm internally.
Optional properties for the "cirrus,classh-internal-algo" Sub-node
Section 7.29 Class H Control
- cirrus,classh-bst-overide : Boolean
- cirrus,classh-bst-max-limit
- cirrus,classh-mem-depth
Section 7.30 Class H Headroom Control
- cirrus,classh-headroom
Section 7.31 Class H Release Rate
- cirrus,classh-release-rate
Section 7.32 Class H Weak FET Drive Control
- cirrus,classh-wk-fet-disable
- cirrus,classh-wk-fet-delay
- cirrus,classh-wk-fet-thld
Section 7.34 Class H VP Control
- cirrus,classh-vpch-auto
- cirrus,classh-vpch-rate
- cirrus,classh-vpch-man
Optional Monitor Signal Format sub-node:
The cs35l35 node can have a single "cirrus,monitor-signal-format" sub-node
for adjusting the Depth, Location and Frame of the Monitoring Signals
for Algorithms.
See Sections 4.8.2 through 4.8.4 Serial-Port Control in the Datasheet
-cirrus,monitor-signal-format : Sub-node for the Monitor Signaling Formating
on the I2S Port. Each of the 3 8 bit values in the array contain the settings
for depth, location, and frame.
If not used, the defaults for the 6 monitor signals is used.
Sections 7.44 - 7.53 lists values for the depth, location, and frame
for each monitoring signal.
- cirrus,imon : 4 8 bit values to set the depth, location, frame and ADC
scale of the IMON monitor signal.
- cirrus,vmon : 3 8 bit values to set the depth, location, and frame
of the VMON monitor signal.
- cirrus,vpmon : 3 8 bit values to set the depth, location, and frame
of the VPMON monitor signal.
- cirrus,vbstmon : 3 8 bit values to set the depth, location, and frame
of the VBSTMON monitor signal
- cirrus,vpbrstat : 3 8 bit values to set the depth, location, and frame
of the VPBRSTAT monitor signal
- cirrus,zerofill : 3 8 bit values to set the depth, location, and frame\
of the ZEROFILL packet in the monitor signal
cs35l35: cs35l35@20 {
compatible = "cirrus,cs35l35";
reg = <0x20>;
VA-supply = <&dummy_vreg>;
VP-supply = <&dummy_vreg>;
reset-gpios = <&axi_gpio 54 0>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio8>;
interrupts = <3 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
cirrus,boost-ctl-millivolt = <9000>;
cirrus,audio-channel = <0x00>;
cirrus,advisory-channel = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-internal-algo {
cirrus,classh-bst-max-limit = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-mem-depth = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-release-rate = <0x08>;
cirrus,classh-headroom-millivolt = <0x0B>;
cirrus,classh-wk-fet-disable = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-wk-fet-delay = <0x04>;
cirrus,classh-wk-fet-thld = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-vpch-auto = <0x01>;
cirrus,classh-vpch-rate = <0x02>;
cirrus,classh-vpch-man = <0x05>;
/* Depth, Location, Frame */
cirrus,monitor-signal-format {
cirrus,imon = /bits/ 8 <0x03 0x00 0x01>;
cirrus,vmon = /bits/ 8 <0x03 0x00 0x00>;
cirrus,vpmon = /bits/ 8 <0x03 0x04 0x00>;
cirrus,vbstmon = /bits/ 8 <0x03 0x04 0x01>;
cirrus,vpbrstat = /bits/ 8 <0x00 0x04 0x00>;
cirrus,zerofill = /bits/ 8 <0x00 0x00 0x00>;