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CS35L36 Speaker Amplifier
Required properties:
- compatible : "cirrus,cs35l36"
- reg : the I2C address of the device for I2C
- VA-supply, VP-supply : power supplies for the device,
as covered in
- cirrus,boost-ctl-millivolt : Boost Voltage Value. Configures the boost
converter's output voltage in mV. The range is from 2550mV to 12000mV with
increments of 50mV.
(Default) VP
- cirrus,boost-peak-milliamp : Boost-converter peak current limit in mA.
Configures the peak current by monitoring the current through the boost FET.
Range starts at 1600mA and goes to a maximum of 4500mA with increments of
(Default) 4.50 Amps
- cirrus,boost-ind-nanohenry : Inductor estimation LBST reference value.
Seeds the digital boost converter's inductor estimation block with the initial
inductance value to reference.
1000 = 1uH (Default)
1200 = 1.2uH
Optional properties:
- cirrus,multi-amp-mode : Boolean to determine if there are more than
one amplifier in the system. If more than one it is best to Hi-Z the ASP
port to prevent bus contention on the output signal
- cirrus,boost-ctl-select : Boost conerter control source selection.
Selects the source of the BST_CTL target VBST voltage for the boost
converter to generate.
0x00 - Control Port Value
0x01 - Class H Tracking (Default)
0x10 - MultiDevice Sync Value
- cirrus,amp-pcm-inv : Boolean to determine Amplifier will invert incoming
PCM data
- cirrus,imon-pol-inv : Boolean to determine Amplifier will invert the
polarity of outbound IMON feedback data
- cirrus,vmon-pol-inv : Boolean to determine Amplifier will invert the
polarity of outbound VMON feedback data
- cirrus,dcm-mode-enable : Boost converter automatic DCM Mode enable.
This enables the digital boost converter to operate in a low power
(Discontinuous Conduction) mode during low loading conditions.
- cirrus,weak-fet-disable : Boolean : The strength of the output drivers is
reduced when operating in a Weak-FET Drive Mode and must not be used to drive
a large load.
- cirrus,classh-wk-fet-delay : Weak-FET entry delay. Controls the delay
(in ms) before the Class H algorithm switches to the weak-FET voltage
(after the audio falls and remains below the value specified in WKFET_AMP_THLD).
0 = 0ms
1 = 5ms
2 = 10ms
3 = 50ms
4 = 100ms (Default)
5 = 200ms
6 = 500ms
7 = 1000ms
- cirrus,classh-weak-fet-thld-millivolt : Weak-FET amplifier drive threshold.
Configures the signal threshold at which the PWM output stage enters
weak-FET operation. The range is 50mV to 700mV in 50mV increments.
- cirrus,temp-warn-threshold : Amplifier overtemperature warning threshold.
Configures the threshold at which the overtemperature warning condition occurs.
When the threshold is met, the overtemperature warning attenuation is applied
and the TEMP_WARN_EINT interrupt status bit is set.
If TEMP_WARN_MASK = 0, INTb is asserted.
0 = 105C
1 = 115C
2 = 125C (Default)
3 = 135C
- cirrus,irq-drive-select : Selects the driver type of the selected interrupt
0 = Open-drain
1 = Push-pull (Default)
- cirrus,irq-gpio-select : Selects the pin to serve as the programmable
interrupt output.
0 = PDM_DATA / SWIRE_SD / INT (Default)
1 = GPIO
Optional properties for the "cirrus,vpbr-config" Sub-node
- cirrus,vpbr-en : VBST brownout prevention enable. Configures whether the
VBST brownout prevention algorithm is enabled or disabled.
0 = VBST brownout prevention disabled (default)
1 = VBST brownout prevention enabled
See Section 7.31.1 VPBR Config for configuration options & further details
- cirrus,vpbr-thld : Initial VPBR threshold. Configures the VP brownout
threshold voltage
- cirrus,cirrus,vpbr-atk-rate : Attenuation attack step rate. Configures the
amount delay between consecutive volume attenuation steps when a brownout
condition is present and the VP brownout condition is in an attacking state.
- cirrus,vpbr-atk-vol : VP brownout prevention step size. Configures the VP
brownout prevention attacking attenuation step size when operating in either
digital volume or analog gain modes.
- cirrus,vpbr-max-attn : Maximum attenuation that the VP brownout prevention
can apply to the audio signal.
- cirrus,vpbr-wait : Configures the delay time between a brownout condition
no longer being present and the VP brownout prevention entering an attenuation
release state.
- cirrus,vpbr-rel-rate : Attenuation release step rate. Configures the delay
between consecutive volume attenuation release steps when a brownout condition
is not longer present and the VP brownout is in an attenuation release state.
- cirrus,vpbr-mute-en : During the attack state, if the vpbr-max-attn value
is reached, the error condition still remains, and this bit is set, the audio
is muted.
cs35l36: cs35l36@40 {
compatible = "cirrus,cs35l36";
reg = <0x40>;
VA-supply = <&dummy_vreg>;
VP-supply = <&dummy_vreg>;
reset-gpios = <&gpio0 54 0>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio8>;
interrupts = <3 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
cirrus,boost-ind-nanohenry = <1000>;
cirrus,boost-ctl-millivolt = <10000>;
cirrus,boost-peak-milliamp = <4500>;
cirrus,boost-ctl-select = <0x00>;
cirrus,weak-fet-delay = <0x04>;
cirrus,weak-fet-thld = <0x01>;
cirrus,temp-warn-threshold = <0x01>;
cirrus,irq-drive-select = <0x01>;
cirrus,irq-gpio-select = <0x01>;
cirrus,vpbr-config {
cirrus,vpbr-en = <0x00>;
cirrus,vpbr-thld = <0x05>;
cirrus,vpbr-atk-rate = <0x02>;
cirrus,vpbr-atk-vol = <0x01>;
cirrus,vpbr-max-attn = <0x09>;
cirrus,vpbr-wait = <0x01>;
cirrus,vpbr-rel-rate = <0x05>;
cirrus,vpbr-mute-en = <0x00>;