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Device-Tree bindings for Digital microphone (DMIC) codec
This device support generic PDM digital microphone.
Required properties:
- compatible: should be "dmic-codec".
Optional properties:
- dmicen-gpios: GPIO specifier for dmic to control start and stop
- num-channels: Number of microphones on this DAI
- wakeup-delay-ms: Delay (in ms) after enabling the DMIC
- modeswitch-delay-ms: Delay (in ms) to complete DMIC mode switch
Example node:
dmic_codec: dmic@0 {
compatible = "dmic-codec";
dmicen-gpios = <&gpio4 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
num-channels = <1>;
wakeup-delay-ms <50>;
modeswitch-delay-ms <35>;