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Marvell PXA SSP CPU DAI bindings
Required properties:
compatible Must be "mrvl,pxa-ssp-dai"
port A phandle reference to a PXA ssp upstream device
Optional properties:
clocks Through "clock-names" and "clocks", external clocks
can be configured. If a clock names "extclk" exists,
it will be set to the mclk rate of the audio stream
and be used as clock provider of the DAI.
/* upstream device */
ssp1: ssp@41000000 {
compatible = "mrvl,pxa3xx-ssp";
reg = <0x41000000 0x40>;
interrupts = <24>;
clock-names = "pxa27x-ssp.0";
/* DAI as user */
ssp_dai0: ssp_dai@0 {
compatible = "mrvl,pxa-ssp-dai";
port = <&ssp1>;
#sound-dai-cells = <0>;