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Texas Instruments - tas2552 Codec module
The tas2552 serial control bus communicates through I2C protocols
Required properties:
- compatible - One of:
"ti,tas2552" - TAS2552
- reg - I2C slave address: it can be 0x40 if ADDR pin is 0
or 0x41 if ADDR pin is 1.
- supply-*: Required supply regulators are:
"vbat" battery voltage
"iovdd" I/O Voltage
"avdd" Analog DAC Voltage
Optional properties:
- enable-gpio - gpio pin to enable/disable the device
tas2552 can receive its reference clock via MCLK, BCLK, IVCLKIN pin or use the
internal 1.8MHz. This CLKIN is used by the PLL. In addition to PLL, the PDM
reference clock is also selectable: PLL, IVCLKIN, BCLK or MCLK.
For system integration the dt-bindings/sound/tas2552.h header file provides
defined values to select and configure the PLL and PDM reference clocks.
tas2552: tas2552@41 {
compatible = "ti,tas2552";
reg = <0x41>;
vbat-supply = <&reg_vbat>;
iovdd-supply = <&reg_iovdd>;
avdd-supply = <&reg_avdd>;
enable-gpio = <&gpio4 2 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
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