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WM8962 audio CODEC
This device supports I2C only.
Required properties:
- compatible : "wlf,wm8962"
- reg : the I2C address of the device.
Optional properties:
- spk-mono: This is a boolean property. If present, the SPK_MONO bit
of R51 (Class D Control 2) gets set, indicating that the speaker is
in mono mode.
- mic-cfg : Default register value for R48 (Additional Control 4).
If absent, the default should be the register default.
- gpio-cfg : A list of GPIO configuration register values. The list must
be 6 entries long. If absent, no configuration of these registers is
performed. And note that only the value within [0x0, 0xffff] is valid.
Any other value is regarded as setting the GPIO register by its reset
value 0x0.
wm8962: codec@1a {
compatible = "wlf,wm8962";
reg = <0x1a>;
gpio-cfg = <
0x0000 /* 0:Default */
0x0000 /* 1:Default */
0x0013 /* 2:FN_DMICCLK */
0x0000 /* 3:Default */
0x8014 /* 4:FN_DMICCDAT */
0x0000 /* 5:Default */