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ZTE ZX296702 SPDIF controller
Required properties:
- compatible : Must be "zte,zx296702-spdif"
- reg : Must contain SPDIF core's registers location and length
- clocks : Pairs of phandle and specifier referencing the controller's clocks.
- clock-names: "tx" for the clock to the SPDIF interface.
- dmas: Pairs of phandle and specifier for the DMA channel that is used by
the core. The core expects one dma channel for transmit.
- dma-names : Must be "tx"
For more details on the 'dma', 'dma-names', 'clock' and 'clock-names' properties
please check:
* resource-names.txt
* clock/clock-bindings.txt
* dma/dma.txt
spdif0: spdif0@b004000 {
compatible = "zte,zx296702-spdif";
reg = <0x0b004000 0x1000>;
clocks = <&lsp0clk ZX296702_SPDIF0_DIV>;
clock-names = "tx";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 21 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
dmas = <&dma 4>;
dma-names = "tx";