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What: /dev/fieldbus_devX
Date: December 2018
KernelVersion: 5.1 (staging)
Contact: Sven Van Asbroeck <>
The cdev interface to drivers for Fieldbus Device Memory
(aka. Process Memory).
The following file operations are supported:
Create an I/O context associated with the file descriptor.
Read from Process Memory's "read area".
Clears POLLERR | POLLPRI from the file descriptor.
Write to Process Memory's "write area".
poll(2), select(2), epoll_wait(2) etc.
When a "Process Memory Read Area Changed" event occurs,
POLLERR | POLLPRI will be set on the file descriptor.
Note that POLLIN | POLLOUT events are always set, because the
process memory area is always readable and writable.
Free up the I/O context that was associated
with the file descriptor.
Users: TBD