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QCOM Secure Channel Manager (SCM)
Qualcomm processors include an interface to communicate to the secure firmware.
This interface allows for clients to request different types of actions. These
can include CPU power up/down, HDCP requests, loading of firmware, and other
assorted actions.
Required properties:
- compatible: must contain one of the following:
* "qcom,scm-apq8064"
* "qcom,scm-apq8084"
* "qcom,scm-ipq4019"
* "qcom,scm-ipq806x"
* "qcom,scm-ipq8074"
* "qcom,scm-mdm9607"
* "qcom,scm-msm8226"
* "qcom,scm-msm8660"
* "qcom,scm-msm8916"
* "qcom,scm-msm8953"
* "qcom,scm-msm8960"
* "qcom,scm-msm8974"
* "qcom,scm-msm8976"
* "qcom,scm-msm8994"
* "qcom,scm-msm8996"
* "qcom,scm-msm8998"
* "qcom,scm-sc7180"
* "qcom,scm-sc7280"
* "qcom,scm-sdm845"
* "qcom,scm-sdx55"
* "qcom,scm-sm6350"
* "qcom,scm-sm8150"
* "qcom,scm-sm8250"
* "qcom,scm-sm8350"
* "qcom,scm-sm8450"
* "qcom,scm"
- clocks: Specifies clocks needed by the SCM interface, if any:
* core clock required for "qcom,scm-apq8064", "qcom,scm-msm8660" and
* core, iface and bus clocks required for "qcom,scm-apq8084",
"qcom,scm-msm8916", "qcom,scm-msm8953", "qcom,scm-msm8974" and "qcom,scm-msm8976"
- clock-names: Must contain "core" for the core clock, "iface" for the interface
clock and "bus" for the bus clock per the requirements of the compatible.
- qcom,dload-mode: phandle to the TCSR hardware block and offset of the
download mode control register (optional)
Example for MSM8916:
firmware {
scm {
compatible = "qcom,msm8916", "qcom,scm";
clocks = <&gcc GCC_CRYPTO_CLK> ,
clock-names = "core", "bus", "iface";