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OpenRISC Generic SoC
Boards and FPGA SoC's which support the OpenRISC standard platform. The
platform essentially follows the conventions of the OpenRISC architecture
specification, however some aspects, such as the boot protocol have been defined
by the Linux port.
Required properties
- compatible: Must include "opencores,or1ksim"
CPU nodes:
A "cpus" node is required. Required properties:
- #address-cells: Must be 1.
- #size-cells: Must be 0.
A CPU sub-node is also required for at least CPU 0. Since the topology may
be probed via CPS, it is not necessary to specify secondary CPUs. Required
- compatible: Must be "opencores,or1200-rtlsvn481".
- reg: CPU number.
- clock-frequency: The CPU clock frequency in Hz.
cpus {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
cpu@0 {
compatible = "opencores,or1200-rtlsvn481";
reg = <0>;
clock-frequency = <20000000>;
Boot protocol
The bootloader may pass the following arguments to the kernel:
- r3: address of a flattened device-tree blob or 0x0.