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HWRNG support for the n2_rng driver
Required properties:
- reg : base address to sample from
- compatible : should contain one of the following
RNG versions:
- 'SUNW,n2-rng' for Niagara 2 Platform (SUN UltraSPARC T2 CPU)
- 'SUNW,vf-rng' for Victoria Falls Platform (SUN UltraSPARC T2 Plus CPU)
- 'SUNW,kt-rng' for Rainbow/Yosemite Falls Platform (SUN SPARC T3/T4), (UltraSPARC KT/Niagara 3 - development names)
more recent systems (after Oracle acquisition of SUN)
- 'ORCL,m4-rng' for SPARC T5/M5
- 'ORCL,m7-rng' for SPARC T7/M7
/* linux LDOM on SPARC T5-2 */
Node 0xf029a4f4
.node: f029a4f4
rng-#units: 00000002
compatible: 'ORCL,m4-rng'
reg: 0000000e
name: 'random-number-generator'
/* solaris on SPARC M7-8 */
Node 0xf028c08c
rng-#units: 00000003
compatible: 'ORCL,m7-rng'
reg: 0000000e
name: 'random-number-generator'
PS: see as well prtconfs.git by DaveM