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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (c) 2020, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#include <dt-bindings/interconnect/qcom,icc.h>
#define to_qcom_provider(_provider) \
container_of(_provider, struct qcom_icc_provider, provider)
* struct qcom_icc_provider - Qualcomm specific interconnect provider
* @provider: generic interconnect provider
* @dev: reference to the NoC device
* @bcms: list of bcms that maps to the provider
* @num_bcms: number of @bcms
* @voter: bcm voter targeted by this provider
struct qcom_icc_provider {
struct icc_provider provider;
struct device *dev;
struct qcom_icc_bcm * const *bcms;
size_t num_bcms;
struct bcm_voter *voter;
* struct bcm_db - Auxiliary data pertaining to each Bus Clock Manager (BCM)
* @unit: divisor used to convert bytes/sec bw value to an RPMh msg
* @width: multiplier used to convert bytes/sec bw value to an RPMh msg
* @vcd: virtual clock domain that this bcm belongs to
* @reserved: reserved field
struct bcm_db {
__le32 unit;
__le16 width;
u8 vcd;
u8 reserved;
#define MAX_LINKS 128
#define MAX_BCMS 64
#define MAX_BCM_PER_NODE 3
#define MAX_VCD 10
* struct qcom_icc_node - Qualcomm specific interconnect nodes
* @name: the node name used in debugfs
* @links: an array of nodes where we can go next while traversing
* @id: a unique node identifier
* @num_links: the total number of @links
* @channels: num of channels at this node
* @buswidth: width of the interconnect between a node and the bus
* @sum_avg: current sum aggregate value of all avg bw requests
* @max_peak: current max aggregate value of all peak bw requests
* @bcms: list of bcms associated with this logical node
* @num_bcms: num of @bcms
struct qcom_icc_node {
const char *name;
u16 links[MAX_LINKS];
u16 id;
u16 num_links;
u16 channels;
u16 buswidth;
u64 sum_avg[QCOM_ICC_NUM_BUCKETS];
u64 max_peak[QCOM_ICC_NUM_BUCKETS];
struct qcom_icc_bcm *bcms[MAX_BCM_PER_NODE];
size_t num_bcms;
* struct qcom_icc_bcm - Qualcomm specific hardware accelerator nodes
* known as Bus Clock Manager (BCM)
* @name: the bcm node name used to fetch BCM data from command db
* @type: latency or bandwidth bcm
* @addr: address offsets used when voting to RPMH
* @vote_x: aggregated threshold values, represents sum_bw when @type is bw bcm
* @vote_y: aggregated threshold values, represents peak_bw when @type is bw bcm
* @vote_scale: scaling factor for vote_x and vote_y
* @dirty: flag used to indicate whether the bcm needs to be committed
* @keepalive: flag used to indicate whether a keepalive is required
* @aux_data: auxiliary data used when calculating threshold values and
* communicating with RPMh
* @list: used to link to other bcms when compiling lists for commit
* @ws_list: used to keep track of bcms that may transition between wake/sleep
* @num_nodes: total number of @num_nodes
* @nodes: list of qcom_icc_nodes that this BCM encapsulates
struct qcom_icc_bcm {
const char *name;
u32 type;
u32 addr;
u64 vote_scale;
bool dirty;
bool keepalive;
struct bcm_db aux_data;
struct list_head list;
struct list_head ws_list;
size_t num_nodes;
struct qcom_icc_node *nodes[];
struct qcom_icc_fabric {
struct qcom_icc_node **nodes;
size_t num_nodes;
struct qcom_icc_desc {
struct qcom_icc_node * const *nodes;
size_t num_nodes;
struct qcom_icc_bcm * const *bcms;
size_t num_bcms;
#define DEFINE_QNODE(_name, _id, _channels, _buswidth, ...) \
static struct qcom_icc_node _name = { \
.id = _id, \
.name = #_name, \
.channels = _channels, \
.buswidth = _buswidth, \
.num_links = ARRAY_SIZE(((int[]){ __VA_ARGS__ })), \
.links = { __VA_ARGS__ }, \
int qcom_icc_aggregate(struct icc_node *node, u32 tag, u32 avg_bw,
u32 peak_bw, u32 *agg_avg, u32 *agg_peak);
int qcom_icc_set(struct icc_node *src, struct icc_node *dst);
int qcom_icc_bcm_init(struct qcom_icc_bcm *bcm, struct device *dev);
void qcom_icc_pre_aggregate(struct icc_node *node);
int qcom_icc_rpmh_probe(struct platform_device *pdev);
int qcom_icc_rpmh_remove(struct platform_device *pdev);