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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#ifndef __TRACE_SYNTH_H
#define __TRACE_SYNTH_H
#include "trace_dynevent.h"
#define SYNTH_SYSTEM "synthetic"
#define STR_VAR_LEN_MAX 32 /* must be multiple of sizeof(u64) */
struct synth_field {
char *type;
char *name;
size_t size;
unsigned int offset;
bool is_signed;
bool is_string;
struct synth_event {
struct dyn_event devent;
int ref;
char *name;
struct synth_field **fields;
unsigned int n_fields;
unsigned int n_u64;
struct trace_event_class class;
struct trace_event_call call;
struct tracepoint *tp;
struct module *mod;
extern struct synth_event *find_synth_event(const char *name);
#endif /* __TRACE_SYNTH_H */