Merge tag 'x86-urgent-2022-06-19' of git://

Pull x86 fixes from Thomas Gleixner:

 - Make RESERVE_BRK() work again with older binutils. The recent
   'simplification' broke that.

 - Make early #VE handling increment RIP when successful.

 - Make the #VE code consistent vs. the RIP adjustments and add

 - Handle load_unaligned_zeropad() across page boundaries correctly in
   #VE when the second page is shared.

* tag 'x86-urgent-2022-06-19' of git://
  x86/tdx: Handle load_unaligned_zeropad() page-cross to a shared page
  x86/tdx: Clarify RIP adjustments in #VE handler
  x86/tdx: Fix early #VE handling
  x86/mm: Fix RESERVE_BRK() for older binutils