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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2019
* Author(s): Harald Freudenberger <>
* Collection of EP11 misc functions used by zcrypt and pkey
#ifndef _ZCRYPT_EP11MISC_H_
#define _ZCRYPT_EP11MISC_H_
#include <asm/zcrypt.h>
#include <asm/pkey.h>
#define TOKVER_EP11_AES 0x03 /* EP11 AES key blob */
#define EP11_API_V 4 /* highest known and supported EP11 API version */
#define EP11_STRUCT_MAGIC 0x1234
#define EP11_BLOB_PKEY_EXTRACTABLE 0x200000
/* inside view of an EP11 secure key blob */
struct ep11keyblob {
union {
u8 session[32];
struct {
u8 type; /* 0x00 (TOKTYPE_NON_CCA) */
u8 res0; /* unused */
u16 len; /* total length in bytes of this blob */
u8 version; /* 0x06 (TOKVER_EP11_AES) */
u8 res1; /* unused */
u16 keybitlen; /* clear key bit len, 0 for unknown */
} head;
u8 wkvp[16]; /* wrapping key verification pattern */
u64 attr; /* boolean key attributes */
u64 mode; /* mode bits */
u16 version; /* 0x1234, EP11_STRUCT_MAGIC */
u8 iv[14];
u8 encrypted_key_data[144];
u8 mac[32];
} __packed;
* Simple check if the key blob is a valid EP11 secure AES key.
* If keybitsize is given, the bitsize of the key is also checked.
* If checkcpacfexport is enabled, the key is also checked for the
* attributes needed to export this key for CPACF use.
* Returns 0 on success or errno value on failure.
int ep11_check_aeskeyblob(debug_info_t *dbg, int dbflvl,
const u8 *key, int keybitsize,
int checkcpacfexport);
/* EP11 card info struct */
struct ep11_card_info {
u32 API_ord_nr; /* API ordinal number */
u16 FW_version; /* Firmware major and minor version */
char serial[16]; /* serial number string (16 ascii, no 0x00 !) */
u64 op_mode; /* card operational mode(s) */
/* EP11 domain info struct */
struct ep11_domain_info {
char cur_wk_state; /* '0' invalid, '1' valid */
char new_wk_state; /* '0' empty, '1' uncommitted, '2' committed */
u8 cur_wkvp[32]; /* current wrapping key verification pattern */
u8 new_wkvp[32]; /* new wrapping key verification pattern */
u64 op_mode; /* domain operational mode(s) */
* Provide information about an EP11 card.
int ep11_get_card_info(u16 card, struct ep11_card_info *info, int verify);
* Provide information about a domain within an EP11 card.
int ep11_get_domain_info(u16 card, u16 domain, struct ep11_domain_info *info);
* Generate (random) EP11 AES secure key.
int ep11_genaeskey(u16 card, u16 domain, u32 keybitsize, u32 keygenflags,
u8 *keybuf, size_t *keybufsize);
* Generate EP11 AES secure key with given clear key value.
int ep11_clr2keyblob(u16 cardnr, u16 domain, u32 keybitsize, u32 keygenflags,
const u8 *clrkey, u8 *keybuf, size_t *keybufsize);
* Derive proteced key from EP11 AES secure key blob.
int ep11_key2protkey(u16 cardnr, u16 domain, const u8 *key, size_t keylen,
u8 *protkey, u32 *protkeylen, u32 *protkeytype);
* Build a list of ep11 apqns meeting the following constrains:
* - apqn is online and is in fact an EP11 apqn
* - if cardnr is not FFFF only apqns with this cardnr
* - if domain is not FFFF only apqns with this domainnr
* - if minhwtype > 0 only apqns with hwtype >= minhwtype
* - if minapi > 0 only apqns with API_ord_nr >= minapi
* - if wkvp != NULL only apqns where the wkvp (EP11_WKVPLEN bytes) matches
* to the first EP11_WKVPLEN bytes of the wkvp of the current wrapping
* key for this domain. When a wkvp is given there will aways be a re-fetch
* of the domain info for the potential apqn - so this triggers an request
* reply to each apqn eligible.
* The array of apqn entries is allocated with kmalloc and returned in *apqns;
* the number of apqns stored into the list is returned in *nr_apqns. One apqn
* entry is simple a 32 bit value with 16 bit cardnr and 16 bit domain nr and
* may be casted to struct pkey_apqn. The return value is either 0 for success
* or a negative errno value. If no apqn meeting the criterias is found,
* -ENODEV is returned.
int ep11_findcard2(u32 **apqns, u32 *nr_apqns, u16 cardnr, u16 domain,
int minhwtype, int minapi, const u8 *wkvp);
void zcrypt_ep11misc_exit(void);
#endif /* _ZCRYPT_EP11MISC_H_ */