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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright(c) 2019 Intel Corporation. */
#ifndef XSK_H_
#define XSK_H_
/* Masks for xdp_umem_page flags.
* The low 12-bits of the addr will be 0 since this is the page address, so we
* can use them for flags.
/* Flags for the umem flags field.
* The NEED_WAKEUP flag is 1 due to the reuse of the flags field for public
* flags. See inlude/uapi/include/linux/if_xdp.h.
struct xdp_ring_offset_v1 {
__u64 producer;
__u64 consumer;
__u64 desc;
struct xdp_mmap_offsets_v1 {
struct xdp_ring_offset_v1 rx;
struct xdp_ring_offset_v1 tx;
struct xdp_ring_offset_v1 fr;
struct xdp_ring_offset_v1 cr;
/* Nodes are linked in the struct xdp_sock map_list field, and used to
* track which maps a certain socket reside in.
struct xsk_map_node {
struct list_head node;
struct xsk_map *map;
struct xdp_sock **map_entry;
static inline struct xdp_sock *xdp_sk(struct sock *sk)
return (struct xdp_sock *)sk;
bool xsk_is_setup_for_bpf_map(struct xdp_sock *xs);
void xsk_map_try_sock_delete(struct xsk_map *map, struct xdp_sock *xs,
struct xdp_sock **map_entry);
int xsk_map_inc(struct xsk_map *map);
void xsk_map_put(struct xsk_map *map);
#endif /* XSK_H_ */