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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2015 Imagination Technologies
* Author: Alex Smith <>
#ifndef __ASM_VDSO_H
#define __ASM_VDSO_H
#include <linux/mm_types.h>
#include <vdso/datapage.h>
#include <asm/barrier.h>
* struct mips_vdso_image - Details of a VDSO image.
* @data: Pointer to VDSO image data (page-aligned).
* @size: Size of the VDSO image data (page-aligned).
* @off_sigreturn: Offset of the sigreturn() trampoline.
* @off_rt_sigreturn: Offset of the rt_sigreturn() trampoline.
* @mapping: Special mapping structure.
* This structure contains details of a VDSO image, including the image data
* and offsets of certain symbols required by the kernel. It is generated as
* part of the VDSO build process, aside from the mapping page array, which is
* populated at runtime.
struct mips_vdso_image {
void *data;
unsigned long size;
unsigned long off_sigreturn;
unsigned long off_rt_sigreturn;
struct vm_special_mapping mapping;
* The following structures are auto-generated as part of the build for each
* ABI by genvdso, see arch/mips/vdso/Makefile.
extern struct mips_vdso_image vdso_image;
#ifdef CONFIG_MIPS32_O32
extern struct mips_vdso_image vdso_image_o32;
#ifdef CONFIG_MIPS32_N32
extern struct mips_vdso_image vdso_image_n32;
union mips_vdso_data {
struct vdso_data data[CS_BASES];
u8 page[PAGE_SIZE];
#endif /* __ASM_VDSO_H */