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Each subdirectory contains litmus tests that are typical to describe the
semantics of respective kernel APIs.
For more information about how to "run" a litmus test or how to generate
a kernel test module based on a litmus test, please see
atomic (/atomic derectory)
Test that an atomic RMW followed by a smp_mb__after_atomic() is
stronger than a normal acquire: both the read and write parts of
the RMW are ordered before the subsequential memory accesses.
Test that atomic_set() cannot break the atomicity of atomic RMWs.
NOTE: Require herd7 7.56 or later which supports "(void)expr".
RCU (/rcu directory)
MP+onceassign+derefonce.litmus (under tools/memory-model/litmus-tests/)
Demonstrates the use of rcu_assign_pointer() and rcu_dereference() to
ensure that an RCU reader will not see pre-initialization garbage.
Both the above litmus tests demonstrate the RCU grace period guarantee
that an RCU read-side critical section can never span a grace period.