Merge tag '5.15-rc-cifs-part2' of git://

Pull smbfs updates from Steve French:
 "cifs/smb3 updates:

   - DFS reconnect fix

   - begin creating common headers for server and client

   - rename the cifs_common directory to smbfs_common to be more
     consistent ie change use of the name cifs to smb (smb3 or smbfs is
     more accurate, as the very old cifs dialect has long been
     superseded by smb3 dialects).

  In the future we can rename the fs/cifs directory to fs/smbfs.

  This does not include the set of multichannel fixes nor the two
  deferred close fixes (they are still being reviewed and tested)"

* tag '5.15-rc-cifs-part2' of git://
  cifs: properly invalidate cached root handle when closing it
  cifs: move SMB FSCTL definitions to common code
  cifs: rename cifs_common to smbfs_common
  cifs: update FSCTL definitions