Merge branch 'wwan-iosm-fw-flashing'

M Chetan Kumar says:

net: wwan: iosm: fw flashing & cd collection

This patch series brings-in support for M.2 7560 Device firmware flashing &
coredump collection using devlink.
- Driver Registers with Devlink framework.
- Register devlink params callback for configuring device params
  required in flashing or coredump flow.
- Implements devlink ops flash_update callback that programs modem
- Creates region & snapshot required for device coredump log collection.

On early detection of device in boot rom stage. Driver registers with
Devlink framework and establish transport channel for PSI (Primary Signed
Image) injection. Once PSI is injected to device, the device execution
stage details are read to determine whether device is in flash or
exception mode. The collected information is reported to devlink user
space application & based on this informationi, application proceeds with
either modem firmware flashing or coredump collection.

Refer to iosm devlink documentation for details on Devlink Params, flash
update and coredump collection command usage.

Note: Patches are interdependent. Need to apply complete patch series for

Changes since v1:
  * Break down single patch into multiple patches.
  * IOSM Driver devlink documentation.
  * Fixes NULL parameter deference in ipc_devlink_flash_update() reported
    by smatch static checker.
  * Fixes memory leak in ipc_devlink_create_region().
  * Use kmemdup instead of kzalloc and memcpy in ipc_flash_boot_psi().
  * Fixes linux-net build error.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>