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* ohci1394.h - driver for OHCI 1394 boards
* Copyright (C)1999,2000 Sebastien Rougeaux <>
* Gord Peters <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
#ifndef _OHCI1394_H
#define _OHCI1394_H
#include "ieee1394_types.h"
#include <asm/io.h>
#define OHCI1394_DRIVER_NAME "ohci1394"
#define OHCI1394_MAX_AT_REQ_RETRIES 0x2
#define OHCI1394_MAX_AT_RESP_RETRIES 0x2
#define OHCI1394_MAX_SELF_ID_ERRORS 16
#define AR_REQ_NUM_DESC 4 /* number of AR req descriptors */
#define AR_REQ_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* size of AR req buffers */
#define AR_REQ_SPLIT_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* split packet buffer */
#define AR_RESP_NUM_DESC 4 /* number of AR resp descriptors */
#define AR_RESP_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* size of AR resp buffers */
#define AR_RESP_SPLIT_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* split packet buffer */
#define IR_NUM_DESC 16 /* number of IR descriptors */
#define IR_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* 4096 bytes/buffer */
#define IR_SPLIT_BUF_SIZE PAGE_SIZE /* split packet buffer */
#define IT_NUM_DESC 16 /* number of IT descriptors */
#define AT_REQ_NUM_DESC 32 /* number of AT req descriptors */
#define AT_RESP_NUM_DESC 32 /* number of AT resp descriptors */
#define OHCI_LOOP_COUNT 100 /* Number of loops for reg read waits */
#define OHCI_CONFIG_ROM_LEN 1024 /* Length of the mapped configrom space */
#define OHCI1394_SI_DMA_BUF_SIZE 8192 /* length of the selfid buffer */
/* PCI configuration space addresses */
#define OHCI1394_PCI_HCI_Control 0x40
struct dma_cmd {
u32 control;
u32 address;
u32 branchAddress;
u32 status;
* It is important that a single at_dma_prg does not cross a page boundary
* The proper way to do it would be to do the check dynamically as the
* programs are inserted into the AT fifo.
struct at_dma_prg {
struct dma_cmd begin;
quadlet_t data[4];
struct dma_cmd end;
quadlet_t pad[4]; /* FIXME: quick hack for memory alignment */
/* identify whether a DMA context is asynchronous or isochronous */
/* DMA receive context */
struct dma_rcv_ctx {
struct ti_ohci *ohci;
enum context_type type;
int ctx;
unsigned int num_desc;
unsigned int buf_size;
unsigned int split_buf_size;
/* dma block descriptors */
struct dma_cmd **prg_cpu;
dma_addr_t *prg_bus;
struct pci_pool *prg_pool;
/* dma buffers */
quadlet_t **buf_cpu;
dma_addr_t *buf_bus;
unsigned int buf_ind;
unsigned int buf_offset;
quadlet_t *spb;
spinlock_t lock;
struct tasklet_struct task;
int ctrlClear;
int ctrlSet;
int cmdPtr;
int ctxtMatch;
/* DMA transmit context */
struct dma_trm_ctx {
struct ti_ohci *ohci;
enum context_type type;
int ctx;
unsigned int num_desc;
/* dma block descriptors */
struct at_dma_prg **prg_cpu;
dma_addr_t *prg_bus;
struct pci_pool *prg_pool;
unsigned int prg_ind;
unsigned int sent_ind;
int free_prgs;
quadlet_t *branchAddrPtr;
/* list of packets inserted in the AT FIFO */
struct list_head fifo_list;
/* list of pending packets to be inserted in the AT FIFO */
struct list_head pending_list;
spinlock_t lock;
struct tasklet_struct task;
int ctrlClear;
int ctrlSet;
int cmdPtr;
struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet {
struct tasklet_struct tasklet;
struct list_head link;
int context;
struct ti_ohci {
struct pci_dev *dev;
enum {
} init_state;
/* remapped memory spaces */
void __iomem *registers;
/* dma buffer for self-id packets */
quadlet_t *selfid_buf_cpu;
dma_addr_t selfid_buf_bus;
/* buffer for csr config rom */
quadlet_t *csr_config_rom_cpu;
dma_addr_t csr_config_rom_bus;
int csr_config_rom_length;
unsigned int max_packet_size;
/* async receive */
struct dma_rcv_ctx ar_resp_context;
struct dma_rcv_ctx ar_req_context;
/* async transmit */
struct dma_trm_ctx at_resp_context;
struct dma_trm_ctx at_req_context;
/* iso receive */
int nb_iso_rcv_ctx;
unsigned long ir_ctx_usage; /* use test_and_set_bit() for atomicity */
unsigned long ir_multichannel_used; /* ditto */
spinlock_t IR_channel_lock;
/* iso receive (legacy API) */
u64 ir_legacy_channels; /* note: this differs from ISO_channel_usage;
it only accounts for channels listened to
by the legacy API, so that we can know when
it is safe to free the legacy API context */
struct dma_rcv_ctx ir_legacy_context;
struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet ir_legacy_tasklet;
/* iso transmit */
int nb_iso_xmit_ctx;
unsigned long it_ctx_usage; /* use test_and_set_bit() for atomicity */
/* iso transmit (legacy API) */
struct dma_trm_ctx it_legacy_context;
struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet it_legacy_tasklet;
u64 ISO_channel_usage;
/* IEEE-1394 part follows */
struct hpsb_host *host;
int phyid, isroot;
spinlock_t phy_reg_lock;
spinlock_t event_lock;
int self_id_errors;
/* Tasklets for iso receive and transmit, used by video1394,
* amdtp and dv1394 */
struct list_head iso_tasklet_list;
spinlock_t iso_tasklet_list_lock;
/* Swap the selfid buffer? */
unsigned int selfid_swap:1;
/* Some Apple chipset seem to swap incoming headers for us */
unsigned int no_swap_incoming:1;
/* Force extra paranoia checking on bus-reset handling */
unsigned int check_busreset:1;
static inline int cross_bound(unsigned long addr, unsigned int size)
if (size > PAGE_SIZE)
return 1;
if (addr >> PAGE_SHIFT != (addr + size - 1) >> PAGE_SHIFT)
return 1;
return 0;
* Register read and write helper functions.
static inline void reg_write(const struct ti_ohci *ohci, int offset, u32 data)
writel(data, ohci->registers + offset);
static inline u32 reg_read(const struct ti_ohci *ohci, int offset)
return readl(ohci->registers + offset);
/* 2 KiloBytes of register space */
#define OHCI1394_REGISTER_SIZE 0x800
/* Offsets relative to context bases defined below */
#define OHCI1394_ContextControlSet 0x000
#define OHCI1394_ContextControlClear 0x004
#define OHCI1394_ContextCommandPtr 0x00C
/* register map */
#define OHCI1394_Version 0x000
#define OHCI1394_GUID_ROM 0x004
#define OHCI1394_ATRetries 0x008
#define OHCI1394_CSRData 0x00C
#define OHCI1394_CSRCompareData 0x010
#define OHCI1394_CSRControl 0x014
#define OHCI1394_ConfigROMhdr 0x018
#define OHCI1394_BusID 0x01C
#define OHCI1394_BusOptions 0x020
#define OHCI1394_GUIDHi 0x024
#define OHCI1394_GUIDLo 0x028
#define OHCI1394_ConfigROMmap 0x034
#define OHCI1394_PostedWriteAddressLo 0x038
#define OHCI1394_PostedWriteAddressHi 0x03C
#define OHCI1394_VendorID 0x040
#define OHCI1394_HCControlSet 0x050
#define OHCI1394_HCControlClear 0x054
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_noByteSwap 0x40000000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_programPhyEnable 0x00800000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_aPhyEnhanceEnable 0x00400000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_LPS 0x00080000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_postedWriteEnable 0x00040000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_linkEnable 0x00020000
#define OHCI1394_HCControl_softReset 0x00010000
#define OHCI1394_SelfIDBuffer 0x064
#define OHCI1394_SelfIDCount 0x068
#define OHCI1394_IRMultiChanMaskHiSet 0x070
#define OHCI1394_IRMultiChanMaskHiClear 0x074
#define OHCI1394_IRMultiChanMaskLoSet 0x078
#define OHCI1394_IRMultiChanMaskLoClear 0x07C
#define OHCI1394_IntEventSet 0x080
#define OHCI1394_IntEventClear 0x084
#define OHCI1394_IntMaskSet 0x088
#define OHCI1394_IntMaskClear 0x08C
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitIntEventSet 0x090
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitIntEventClear 0x094
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitIntMaskSet 0x098
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitIntMaskClear 0x09C
#define OHCI1394_IsoRecvIntEventSet 0x0A0
#define OHCI1394_IsoRecvIntEventClear 0x0A4
#define OHCI1394_IsoRecvIntMaskSet 0x0A8
#define OHCI1394_IsoRecvIntMaskClear 0x0AC
#define OHCI1394_InitialBandwidthAvailable 0x0B0
#define OHCI1394_InitialChannelsAvailableHi 0x0B4
#define OHCI1394_InitialChannelsAvailableLo 0x0B8
#define OHCI1394_FairnessControl 0x0DC
#define OHCI1394_LinkControlSet 0x0E0
#define OHCI1394_LinkControlClear 0x0E4
#define OHCI1394_LinkControl_RcvSelfID 0x00000200
#define OHCI1394_LinkControl_RcvPhyPkt 0x00000400
#define OHCI1394_LinkControl_CycleTimerEnable 0x00100000
#define OHCI1394_LinkControl_CycleMaster 0x00200000
#define OHCI1394_LinkControl_CycleSource 0x00400000
#define OHCI1394_NodeID 0x0E8
#define OHCI1394_PhyControl 0x0EC
#define OHCI1394_IsochronousCycleTimer 0x0F0
#define OHCI1394_AsReqFilterHiSet 0x100
#define OHCI1394_AsReqFilterHiClear 0x104
#define OHCI1394_AsReqFilterLoSet 0x108
#define OHCI1394_AsReqFilterLoClear 0x10C
#define OHCI1394_PhyReqFilterHiSet 0x110
#define OHCI1394_PhyReqFilterHiClear 0x114
#define OHCI1394_PhyReqFilterLoSet 0x118
#define OHCI1394_PhyReqFilterLoClear 0x11C
#define OHCI1394_PhyUpperBound 0x120
#define OHCI1394_AsReqTrContextBase 0x180
#define OHCI1394_AsReqTrContextControlSet 0x180
#define OHCI1394_AsReqTrContextControlClear 0x184
#define OHCI1394_AsReqTrCommandPtr 0x18C
#define OHCI1394_AsRspTrContextBase 0x1A0
#define OHCI1394_AsRspTrContextControlSet 0x1A0
#define OHCI1394_AsRspTrContextControlClear 0x1A4
#define OHCI1394_AsRspTrCommandPtr 0x1AC
#define OHCI1394_AsReqRcvContextBase 0x1C0
#define OHCI1394_AsReqRcvContextControlSet 0x1C0
#define OHCI1394_AsReqRcvContextControlClear 0x1C4
#define OHCI1394_AsReqRcvCommandPtr 0x1CC
#define OHCI1394_AsRspRcvContextBase 0x1E0
#define OHCI1394_AsRspRcvContextControlSet 0x1E0
#define OHCI1394_AsRspRcvContextControlClear 0x1E4
#define OHCI1394_AsRspRcvCommandPtr 0x1EC
/* Isochronous transmit registers */
/* Add (16 * n) for context n */
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitContextBase 0x200
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitContextControlSet 0x200
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitContextControlClear 0x204
#define OHCI1394_IsoXmitCommandPtr 0x20C
/* Isochronous receive registers */
/* Add (32 * n) for context n */
#define OHCI1394_IsoRcvContextBase 0x400
#define OHCI1394_IsoRcvContextControlSet 0x400
#define OHCI1394_IsoRcvContextControlClear 0x404
#define OHCI1394_IsoRcvCommandPtr 0x40C
#define OHCI1394_IsoRcvContextMatch 0x410
/* Interrupts Mask/Events */
#define OHCI1394_reqTxComplete 0x00000001
#define OHCI1394_respTxComplete 0x00000002
#define OHCI1394_ARRQ 0x00000004
#define OHCI1394_ARRS 0x00000008
#define OHCI1394_RQPkt 0x00000010
#define OHCI1394_RSPkt 0x00000020
#define OHCI1394_isochTx 0x00000040
#define OHCI1394_isochRx 0x00000080
#define OHCI1394_postedWriteErr 0x00000100
#define OHCI1394_lockRespErr 0x00000200
#define OHCI1394_selfIDComplete 0x00010000
#define OHCI1394_busReset 0x00020000
#define OHCI1394_phy 0x00080000
#define OHCI1394_cycleSynch 0x00100000
#define OHCI1394_cycle64Seconds 0x00200000
#define OHCI1394_cycleLost 0x00400000
#define OHCI1394_cycleInconsistent 0x00800000
#define OHCI1394_unrecoverableError 0x01000000
#define OHCI1394_cycleTooLong 0x02000000
#define OHCI1394_phyRegRcvd 0x04000000
#define OHCI1394_masterIntEnable 0x80000000
/* DMA Control flags */
#define DMA_CTL_OUTPUT_MORE 0x00000000
#define DMA_CTL_OUTPUT_LAST 0x10000000
#define DMA_CTL_INPUT_MORE 0x20000000
#define DMA_CTL_INPUT_LAST 0x30000000
#define DMA_CTL_UPDATE 0x08000000
#define DMA_CTL_IMMEDIATE 0x02000000
#define DMA_CTL_IRQ 0x00300000
#define DMA_CTL_BRANCH 0x000c0000
#define DMA_CTL_WAIT 0x00030000
/* OHCI evt_* error types, table 3-2 of the OHCI 1.1 spec. */
#define EVT_NO_STATUS 0x0 /* No event status */
#define EVT_RESERVED_A 0x1 /* Reserved, not used !!! */
#define EVT_LONG_PACKET 0x2 /* The revc data was longer than the buf */
#define EVT_MISSING_ACK 0x3 /* A subaction gap was detected before an ack
arrived, or recv'd ack had a parity error */
#define EVT_UNDERRUN 0x4 /* Underrun on corresponding FIFO, packet
truncated */
#define EVT_OVERRUN 0x5 /* A recv FIFO overflowed on reception of ISO
packet */
#define EVT_DESCRIPTOR_READ 0x6 /* An unrecoverable error occurred while host was
reading a descriptor block */
#define EVT_DATA_READ 0x7 /* An error occurred while host controller was
attempting to read from host memory in the data
stage of descriptor processing */
#define EVT_DATA_WRITE 0x8 /* An error occurred while host controller was
attempting to write either during the data stage
of descriptor processing, or when processing a single
16-bit host memory write */
#define EVT_BUS_RESET 0x9 /* Identifies a PHY packet in the recv buffer as
being a synthesized bus reset packet */
#define EVT_TIMEOUT 0xa /* Indicates that the asynchronous transmit response
packet expired and was not transmitted, or that an
IT DMA context experienced a skip processing overflow */
#define EVT_TCODE_ERR 0xb /* A bad tCode is associated with this packet.
The packet was flushed */
#define EVT_RESERVED_B 0xc /* Reserved, not used !!! */
#define EVT_RESERVED_C 0xd /* Reserved, not used !!! */
#define EVT_UNKNOWN 0xe /* An error condition has occurred that cannot be
represented by any other event codes defined herein. */
#define EVT_FLUSHED 0xf /* Send by the link side of output FIFO when asynchronous
packets are being flushed due to a bus reset. */
#define OHCI1394_TCODE_PHY 0xE
void ohci1394_init_iso_tasklet(struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet *tasklet,
int type,
void (*func)(unsigned long),
unsigned long data);
int ohci1394_register_iso_tasklet(struct ti_ohci *ohci,
struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet *tasklet);
void ohci1394_unregister_iso_tasklet(struct ti_ohci *ohci,
struct ohci1394_iso_tasklet *tasklet);
/* returns zero if successful, one if DMA context is locked up */
int ohci1394_stop_context (struct ti_ohci *ohci, int reg, char *msg);
struct ti_ohci *ohci1394_get_struct(int card_num);