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menu "Macintosh device drivers"
depends on PPC || MAC
config ADB
bool "Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) support"
depends on MAC || PPC_PMAC
Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) support is for support of devices which
are connected to an ADB port. ADB devices tend to have 4 pins.
If you have an Apple Macintosh prior to the iMac, an iBook or
PowerBook, or a "Blue and White G3", you probably want to say Y
here. Otherwise say N.
config ADB_MACII
bool "Include Mac II ADB driver"
depends on ADB && MAC
Say Y here if want your kernel to support Macintosh systems that use
the Mac II style ADB. This includes the II, IIx, IIcx, SE/30, IIci,
Quadra 610, Quadra 650, Quadra 700, Quadra 800, Centris 610 and
Centris 650.
bool "Include Mac IIsi ADB driver"
depends on ADB && MAC
Say Y here if want your kernel to support Macintosh systems that use
the Mac IIsi style ADB. This includes the IIsi, IIvi, IIvx, Classic
II, LC, LC II, LC III, Performa 460, and the Performa 600.
config ADB_IOP
bool "Include IOP (IIfx/Quadra 9x0) ADB driver"
depends on ADB && MAC
The I/O Processor (IOP) is an Apple custom IC designed to provide
intelligent support for I/O controllers. It is described at
<> to enable direct
support for it, say 'Y' here.
config ADB_PMU68K
bool "Include PMU (Powerbook) ADB driver"
depends on ADB && MAC
Say Y here if want your kernel to support the m68k based Powerbooks.
This includes the PowerBook 140, PowerBook 145, PowerBook 150,
PowerBook 160, PowerBook 165, PowerBook 165c, PowerBook 170,
PowerBook 180, PowerBook, 180c, PowerBook 190cs, PowerBook 520,
PowerBook Duo 210, PowerBook Duo 230, PowerBook Duo 250,
PowerBook Duo 270c, PowerBook Duo 280 and PowerBook Duo 280c.
# we want to change this to something like CONFIG_SYSCTRL_CUDA/PMU
config ADB_CUDA
bool "Support for CUDA based Macs and PowerMacs"
depends on (ADB || PPC_PMAC) && !PPC_PMAC64
This provides support for CUDA based Macintosh and Power Macintosh
systems. This includes many m68k based Macs (Color Classic, Mac TV,
Performa 475, Performa 520, Performa 550, Performa 575,
Performa 588, Quadra 605, Quadra 630, Quadra/Centris 660AV, and
Quadra 840AV), most OldWorld PowerMacs, the first generation iMacs,
the Blue&White G3 and the "Yikes" G4 (PCI Graphics). All later
models should use CONFIG_ADB_PMU instead. It is safe to say Y here
even if your machine doesn't have a CUDA.
If unsure say Y.
config ADB_PMU
bool "Support for PMU based PowerMacs"
depends on PPC_PMAC
On PowerBooks, iBooks, and recent iMacs and Power Macintoshes, the
PMU is an embedded microprocessor whose primary function is to
control system power, and battery charging on the portable models.
The PMU also controls the ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) which connects to
the keyboard and mouse on some machines, as well as the non-volatile
RAM and the RTC (real time clock) chip. Say Y to enable support for
this device; you should do so if your machine is one of those
mentioned above.
config PMAC_SMU
bool "Support for SMU based PowerMacs"
depends on PPC_PMAC64
This option adds support for the newer G5 iMacs and PowerMacs based
on the "SMU" system control chip which replaces the old PMU.
If you don't know, say Y.
bool "Power management support for PowerBooks"
depends on ADB_PMU
This provides support for putting a PowerBook to sleep; it also
enables media bay support. Power management works on the
PB2400/3400/3500, Wallstreet, Lombard, and Bronze PowerBook G3 and
the Titanium Powerbook G4, as well as the iBooks. You should get
the power management daemon, pmud, to make it work and you must have
the /dev/pmu device (see the pmud README).
Get pmud from <>.
If you have a PowerBook, you should say Y here.
You may also want to compile the dma sound driver as a module and
have it autoloaded. The act of removing the module shuts down the
sound hardware for more power savings.
config PM
depends on PPC_PMAC && ADB_PMU && PMAC_PBOOK
default y
tristate "APM emulation"
depends on PMAC_PBOOK
# made a separate option since backlight may end up beeing used
# on non-powerbook machines (but only on PMU based ones AFAIK)
bool "Backlight control for LCD screens"
depends on ADB_PMU
Say Y here to build in code to manage the LCD backlight on a
Macintosh PowerBook. With this code, the backlight will be turned
on and off appropriately on power-management and lid-open/lid-closed
events; also, the PowerBook button device will be enabled so you can
change the screen brightness.
tristate "Support for PowerMac serial ports (OBSOLETE DRIVER)"
depends on PPC_PMAC && BROKEN
This driver is obsolete. Use CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG in
"Character devices --> Serial drivers --> PowerMac z85c30" option.
config ADB_MACIO
bool "Include MacIO (CHRP) ADB driver"
depends on ADB && PPC_CHRP && !PPC_PMAC64
Say Y here to include direct support for the ADB controller in the
Hydra chip used on PowerPC Macintoshes of the CHRP type. (The Hydra
also includes a MESH II SCSI controller, DBDMA controller, VIA chip,
OpenPIC controller and two RS422/Geoports.)
bool "Support for ADB input devices (keyboard, mice, ...)"
depends on ADB && INPUT=y
Say Y here if you want to have ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) HID devices
such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, trackpads or graphic tablets
handled by the input layer. If you say Y here, make sure to say Y to
the corresponding drivers "Keyboard support" (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBDEV),
"Mouse Support" (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV) and "Event interface
support" (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV) as well.
If unsure, say Y.
bool "Support for mouse button 2+3 emulation"
depends on INPUT_ADBHID
This provides generic support for emulating the 2nd and 3rd mouse
button with keypresses. If you say Y here, the emulation is still
disabled by default. The emulation is controlled by these sysctl
If you have an Apple machine with a 1-button mouse, say Y here.
tristate "Support for thermal management on Windtunnel G4s"
depends on I2C && I2C_KEYWEST && PPC_PMAC && !PPC_PMAC64
This driver provides some thermostat and fan control for the desktop
G4 "Windtunnel"
config THERM_ADT746X
tristate "Support for thermal mgmnt on laptops with ADT 746x chipset"
depends on I2C && I2C_KEYWEST && PPC_PMAC && !PPC_PMAC64
This driver provides some thermostat and fan control for the
iBook G4, and the ATI based aluminium PowerBooks, allowing slighlty
better fan behaviour by default, and some manual control.
config THERM_PM72
tristate "Support for thermal management on PowerMac G5"
depends on I2C && I2C_KEYWEST && PPC_PMAC64
This driver provides thermostat and fan control for the desktop
G5 machines.
config ANSLCD
tristate "Support for ANS LCD display"
depends on ADB_CUDA && PPC_PMAC