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Revision 0.21: Uses the new generic socket option code.
Revision 0.22: Gcc clean ups and drop out device registration. Use the
new multi-protocol edition of hard_header
Revision 0.23: IPX /proc by Mark Evans. Adding a route will
will overwrite any existing route to the same network.
Revision 0.24: Supports new /proc with no 4K limit
Revision 0.25: Add ephemeral sockets, passive local network
identification, support for local net 0 and
multiple datalinks <Greg Page>
Revision 0.26: Device drop kills IPX routes via it. (needed for module)
Revision 0.27: Autobind <Mark Evans>
Revision 0.28: Small fix for multiple local networks <Thomas Winder>
Revision 0.29: Assorted major errors removed <Mark Evans>
Small correction to promisc mode error fix <Alan Cox>
Asynchronous I/O support. Changed to use notifiers
and the newer packet_type stuff. Assorted major
fixes <Alejandro Liu>
Revision 0.30: Moved to net/ipx/... <Alan Cox>
Don't set address length on recvfrom that errors.
Incorrect verify_area.
Revision 0.31: New sk_buffs. This still needs a lot of
testing. <Alan Cox>
Revision 0.32: Using sock_alloc_send_skb, firewall hooks. <Alan Cox>
Supports sendmsg/recvmsg
Revision 0.33: Internal network support, routing changes, uses a
protocol private area for ipx data.
Revision 0.34: Module support. <Jim Freeman>
Revision 0.35: Checksum support. <Neil Turton>, hooked in by <Alan Cox>
Handles WIN95 discovery packets <Volker Lendecke>
Revision 0.36: Internal bump up for 2.1
Revision 0.37: Began adding POSIXisms.
Revision 0.38: Asynchronous socket stuff made current.
Revision 0.39: SPX interfaces
Revision 0.40: Tiny SIOCGSTAMP fix (
Revision 0.41: 802.2TR removed (
Fixed connecting to primary net,
Automatic binding on send & receive,
Martijn van Oosterhout <>
Revision 042: Multithreading - use spinlocks and refcounting to
protect some structures: ipx_interface sock list, list
of ipx interfaces, etc.
Bugfixes - do refcounting on net_devices, check function
results, etc. Thanks to davem and freitag for
suggestions and guidance.
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>,
November, 2000
Revision 043: Shared SKBs, don't mangle packets, some cleanups
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>,
December, 2000
Revision 044: Call ipxitf_hold on NETDEV_UP - acme
Revision 045: fix PPROP routing bug - acme
Revision 046: Further fixes to PPROP, ipxitf_create_internal was
doing an unneeded MOD_INC_USE_COUNT, implement
sysctl for ipx_pprop_broacasting, fix the ipx sysctl
handling, making it dynamic, some cleanups, thanks to
Petr Vandrovec for review and good suggestions. (acme)
Revision 047: Cleanups, CodingStyle changes, move the ncp connection
hack out of line - acme
Revision 048: Use sk->protinfo to store the pointer to IPX private
area, remove af_ipx from sk->protinfo and move ipx_opt
to include/net/ipx.h, use IPX_SK like DecNET, etc - acme
Revision 049: SPX support dropped, see comment in ipx_create - acme
Revision 050: Use seq_file for proc stuff, moving it to ipx_proc.c - acme
Other fixes:
Protect the module by a MOD_INC_USE_COUNT/MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT pair. Also, now
usage count is managed this way:
-Count one if the auto_interface mode is on
-Count one per configured interface
Jacques Gelinas (