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/* iommu.h: Definitions for the sun5 IOMMU.
* Copyright (C) 1996, 1999, 2007 David S. Miller (
#ifndef _SPARC64_IOMMU_H
#define _SPARC64_IOMMU_H
/* The format of an iopte in the page tables. */
#define IOPTE_VALID 0x8000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_64K 0x2000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_STBUF 0x1000000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_INTRA 0x0800000000000000UL
#define IOPTE_CONTEXT 0x07ff800000000000UL
#define IOPTE_PAGE 0x00007fffffffe000UL
#define IOPTE_CACHE 0x0000000000000010UL
#define IOPTE_WRITE 0x0000000000000002UL
#define IOMMU_NUM_CTXS 4096
struct iommu_arena {
unsigned long *map;
unsigned int hint;
unsigned int limit;
struct iommu {
spinlock_t lock;
struct iommu_arena arena;
void (*flush_all)(struct iommu *);
iopte_t *page_table;
u32 page_table_map_base;
unsigned long iommu_control;
unsigned long iommu_tsbbase;
unsigned long iommu_flush;
unsigned long iommu_flushinv;
unsigned long iommu_tags;
unsigned long iommu_ctxflush;
unsigned long write_complete_reg;
unsigned long dummy_page;
unsigned long dummy_page_pa;
unsigned long ctx_lowest_free;
u32 dma_addr_mask;
struct strbuf {
int strbuf_enabled;
unsigned long strbuf_control;
unsigned long strbuf_pflush;
unsigned long strbuf_fsync;
unsigned long strbuf_ctxflush;
unsigned long strbuf_ctxmatch_base;
unsigned long strbuf_flushflag_pa;
volatile unsigned long *strbuf_flushflag;
volatile unsigned long __flushflag_buf[(64+(64-1)) / sizeof(long)];
extern int iommu_table_init(struct iommu *iommu, int tsbsize,
u32 dma_offset, u32 dma_addr_mask);
#endif /* !(_SPARC64_IOMMU_H) */