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* include/asm-v850/gbus_int.h -- Midas labs GBUS interrupt support
* Copyright (C) 2001,02 NEC Corporation
* Copyright (C) 2001,02 Miles Bader <>
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General
* Public License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this
* archive for more details.
* Written by Miles Bader <>
#ifndef __V850_GBUS_INT_H__
#define __V850_GBUS_INT_H__
/* The GBUS interrupt interface has 32 interrupts shared among 4
processor interrupts. The 32 GBUS interrupts are divided into two
sets of 16 each, for allocating among control registers, etc (there
are two of each control register, with bits 0-15 controlling an
interrupt each). */
/* The GBUS interrupts themselves. */
#define IRQ_GBUS_INT(n) (GBUS_INT_BASE_IRQ + (n))
#define IRQ_GBUS_INT_NUM 32
/* Control registers. */
#define GBUS_INT_STATUS(w) (*(volatile u16 *)GBUS_INT_STATUS_ADDR(w))
#define GBUS_INT_CLEAR_ADDR(w) (GBUS_INT_BASE_ADDR + 0x10 + (w)*0x40)
#define GBUS_INT_CLEAR(w) (*(volatile u16 *)GBUS_INT_CLEAR_ADDR(w))
#define GBUS_INT_EDGE_ADDR(w) (GBUS_INT_BASE_ADDR + 0x20 + (w)*0x40)
#define GBUS_INT_EDGE(w) (*(volatile u16 *)GBUS_INT_EDGE_ADDR(w))
#define GBUS_INT_POLARITY_ADDR(w) (GBUS_INT_BASE_ADDR + 0x30 + (w)*0x40)
#define GBUS_INT_POLARITY(w) (*(volatile u16 *)GBUS_INT_POLARITY_ADDR(w))
/* This allows enabling interrupt bits in word W for interrupt GINTn. */
#define GBUS_INT_ENABLE_ADDR(w, n) \
(GBUS_INT_BASE_ADDR + 0x100 + (w)*0x10 + (n)*0x20)
#define GBUS_INT_ENABLE(w, n) (*(volatile u16 *)GBUS_INT_ENABLE_ADDR(w, n))
/* Mapping between kernel interrupt numbers and hardware control regs/bits. */
#define GBUS_INT_IRQ_WORD(irq) (((irq) - GBUS_INT_BASE_IRQ) >> 4)
#define GBUS_INT_IRQ_BIT(irq) (((irq) - GBUS_INT_BASE_IRQ) & 0xF)
#define GBUS_INT_IRQ_MASK(irq) (1 << GBUS_INT_IRQ_BIT(irq))
/* Possible priorities for GBUS interrupts. */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
/* Enable interrupt handling for interrupt IRQ. */
extern void gbus_int_enable_irq (unsigned irq);
/* Disable interrupt handling for interrupt IRQ. Note that any
interrupts received while disabled will be delivered once the
interrupt is enabled again, unless they are explicitly cleared using
`gbus_int_clear_pending_irq'. */
extern void gbus_int_disable_irq (unsigned irq);
/* Return true if interrupt handling for interrupt IRQ is enabled. */
extern int gbus_int_irq_enabled (unsigned irq);
/* Disable all GBUS irqs. */
extern void gbus_int_disable_irqs (void);
/* Clear any pending interrupts for IRQ. */
extern void gbus_int_clear_pending_irq (unsigned irq);
/* Return true if interrupt IRQ is pending (but disabled). */
extern int gbus_int_irq_pending (unsigned irq);
struct gbus_int_irq_init {
const char *name; /* name of interrupt type */
/* Range of kernel irq numbers for this type:
unsigned base, num, interval;
unsigned priority; /* interrupt priority to assign */
struct hw_interrupt_type; /* fwd decl */
/* Initialize HW_IRQ_TYPES for GBUS irqs described in array
INITS (which is terminated by an entry with the name field == 0). */
extern void gbus_int_init_irq_types (struct gbus_int_irq_init *inits,
struct hw_interrupt_type *hw_irq_types);
/* Initialize GBUS interrupts. */
extern void gbus_int_init_irqs (void);
#endif /* !__ASSEMBLY__ */
#endif /* __V850_GBUS_INT_H__ */