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* 'for-linus' of (24 commits)
  Input: ati_remote - use msec instead of jiffies
  Input: ati_remote - add missing input_sync()
  Input: ati_remote - relax permissions sysfs module parameters
  Input: ati_remote - make filter time a module parameter
  Input: atkbd - restore repeat rate when resuming
  Input: trackpoint - activate protocol when resuming
  Input: logips2pp - fix button mapping for MX300
  Input: keyboard - change to use kzalloc
  Input: serio/gameport - check whether driver core calls succeeded
  Input: spaceball - make 4000FLX Lefty work
  Input: keyboard - simplify emulate_raw() implementation
  Input: keyboard - remove static variable and clean up initialization
  Input: hiddev - use standard list implementation
  Input: add missing handler->start() call
  Input: HID - fix potential out-of-bound array access
  Input: fix list iteration in input_release_device()
  Input: iforce - add Trust Force Feedback Race Master support
  Input: iforce - check array bounds before accessing elements
  Input: libps2 - warn instead of oopsing when passed bad arguments
  Input: fm801-gp - fix use after free