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Mat Martineau says:

mptcp: Add SOL_MPTCP getsockopt support

Here's the first new MPTCP feature for the v5.16 cycle, and I'll defer
to Florian's helpful description of the series implementing some new
MPTCP socket options:


mptcp getsockopt optnames.

MPTCP_INFO exposes the mptcp_info struct as an alternative to the
existing netlink diag interface.

MPTCP_TCPINFO exposes the tcp_info struct.
Unlike SOL_TCP/TCP_INFO, this returns one struct for each active

MPTCP_SUBFLOW_ADDRS allows userspace to discover the ip addresses/ports
used by the local and remote endpoints, one for each active tcp subflow.

MPTCP_TCPINFO and MPTCP_SUBFLOW_ADDRS share the same meta-header that
needs to be pre-filled by userspace with the size of the data structures
it expects.  This is done to allow extension of the involved structs
later on, without breaking backwards compatibility.

The meta-structure can also be used to discover the required space
to obtain all information, as kernel will fill in the number of
active subflows even if there is not enough room for the requested info

More information is available in the individual patches.
Last patch adds test cases for the three optnames.


Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>