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2001-10-11 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c, parport_serial.c: Support for NetMos cards.
+ Patch originally from Michael Reinelt <>.
2002-04-25 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_serial.c, parport_pc.c: Move some SIIG cards around.
Patch from Andrey Panin.
2002-01-20 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio,
parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio, parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio):
Use the default implementations if the caller wants to use
2002-02-25 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Make sure that priv->ctr_writable includes IntEn
even if IRQ is given as a parameter.
2002-01-21 Tim Waugh <>
* daisy.c: Apply patch from Max Vorobiev to make parport_daisy_select
work for ECP/EPP modes.
2002-01-13 Niels Kristian Bech Jensen <>
* parport_pc.c: Change some occurrences of frob_set_mode to
ECR_WRITE. This fixes PLIP.
2002-01-04 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_claim_or_block): Sleep interruptibly to prevent
a possible deadlock.
2001-12-07 Damian Gruszka <>
* parport_pc.c (ECR_WRITE): Define. If there are forbidden bits
in the ECR register for some chips, this will be a useful place to
put that knowledge.
(change_mode): Use ECR_WRITE.
(parport_pc_restore_state): Likewise.
(parport_ECPPS2_supported): Likewise.
(parport_ECPEPP_supported): Likewise.
(irq_probe_EPP): Likewise.
(programmable_irq_support): Likewise.
(programmable_dma_support): Likewise.
(parport_pc_probe_port): Likewise.
(frob_set_mode): New function. Set the mode bits of the ECR.
(get_fifo_residue): Use frob_set_mode.
(parport_pc_ecpepp_read_data): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecpepp_write_data): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecpepp_read_addr): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecpepp_write_addr): Likewise.
(parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio): Likewise.
(parport_ECR_present): Likewise.
(parport_ECP_supported): Likewise.
(parport_EPP_supported): Likewise.
(parport_ECPEPP_supported): Likewise.
(programmable_irq_support): Likewise.
(irq_probe_ECP): Likewise.
(programmable_dma_support): Likewise.
(parport_pc_enable_irq): Only enable interrupts if we know which
IRQ line they will come from.
(parport_pc_init_state): Set nErrIntrEn at initialisation.
(parport_pc_restore_state): Only write writable bits of CTR.
(parport_irq_probe): If no IRQ is found, take ackIntEn out of the
writable bit set.
2001-12-07 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_fifo_write_block_pio): Correct typo.
(parport_pc_init_state): Only set ackIntEn if we know which IRQ
line the interrupts will come from.
2001-12-07 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_epp_write_addr,
parport_ieee1284_epp_read_addr): Actually do something useful.
2001-12-07 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (dmaval): Don't use DMA by default. It seems to be
too buggy at the moment. Use 'dma=auto' to restore the previous
2001-12-07 Tim Waugh <>
* daisy.c (DEBUG): Undefine.
2001-12-06 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_ecp_read_data): Mask off
PARPORT_CONTROL_AUTOFD as well. Bug spotted by Joe
2001-12-03 Rich Liu <>
* parport_pc.c (sio_ite_8872_probe): ITE8873 is a single-port
serial board, not a serial+parallel.
2001-11-30 Niels Kristian Bech Jensen <>
* parport_pc.c: Fix compiler warning.
2001-11-14 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_pci_probe): Hooks for PCI cards before
and after probing for ports.
* parport_serial.c (parport_register): Likewise.
2001-11-12 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (init_module): Warn when parameters are ignored.
2001-11-01 Damian Gruszka <>
* parport_serial.c (serial_register): Set base_baud before
calling register_serial.
2001-10-26 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_irq_probe): When ECR programmable IRQ
support fails, generate interrupts using the FIFO even if we don't
want to use the FIFO for real data transfers.
(parport_pc_probe_port): Display the ECR address if we have an
ECR, not just if we will use the FIFO.
2001-10-24 Dave Strauss <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio,
parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio): Allow a few seconds for an ECP
transfer to finish up.
2001-10-11 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc (sio_ite_8872_probe): New function, submitted by Rich
Liu from ITE. Cleaned up, removed bogus phys_to_virt calls.
2001-10-24 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for AKS AladdinCARD. Patch from
Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Christian Groessler).
2001-10-24 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_ecp_read_data): Try to minimise
turnaround time.
* ieee1284.c (parport_poll_peripheral): Try a couple of times
first without delaying.
2001-10-10 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for OX16PCI954 PCI card.
2001-10-10 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for OX12PCI840 PCI card (reported by Lock-ups diagnosed by Ronnie Arosa (and now we
just don't trust its ECR).
2001-10-10 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for AVLAB cards.
2001-10-10 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (ecp_forward_to_reverse, ecp_reverse_to_forward):
Remember to retry direction switch if it fails. Patch from David
2001-10-08 David C. Hansen <>
* share.c: Make driverlist_lock and parportlist_lock static.
2001-10-08 Philip Blundell <>
* parport_pc.c: New modular parameter verbose_logging.
Make port->modes indicate the modes that we are prepared to use,
rather than the modes that are available.
2001-10-07 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_probe_port): Fix memory leak spotted by
Kipp Cannon.
2001-10-07 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_serial.c: Remove NetMos support, since it causes problems
for some people.
2001-08-30 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_serial.c (parport_serial_pci_probe): Clean-up on partial
registration failure.
2001-08-14 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_init_superio): Allow for more than one
SuperIO device. Patch from Rich Lio (ITE).
2001-08-11 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for Titan Electronics cards.
2001-08-08 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_unregister_device): Remove device from wait list
2001-06-20 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Make 'io_hi=0' work.
2001-05-31 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_serial.c: New file.
2001-06-05 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_unregister_port): New exported function.
Do the opposite of parport_pc_probe_port.
(cleanup_module): Use it.
2001-05-22 Juan Quintela <>
* parport_amiga.c: Set printk levels.
* parport_gsc.c: Likewise.
* parport_mfc3.c: Likewise.
* parport_pc.c: Likewise.
* parport_sunbpp.c: Likewise.
* probe.c: Likewise.
* share.c: Likewise.
2001-05-10 Fred Barnes <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_epp_read_data): added support for
reading from a w91284pic peripheral, flag is PARPORT_W91284PIC.
2001-05-07 Fred Barnes <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_epp_read_data,
parport_pc_epp_write_data, parport_pc_epp_read_addr,
parport_pc_epp_write_addr): support for fast reads/writes using
* ieee1284.c (parport_read, parport_write): added code to handle
software EPP mode (IEEE1284_MODE_EPPSWE). Added code to allow
BYTE mode reverse transfers (previously always went for NIBBLE
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_epp_read_data,
parport_ieee1284_epp_write_data): fixed various polarity problems.
Also (theoretically) fixed address versions (.._addr), but no
hardware to test this on.
* parport_pc.h: added parport_dump_state() function for debugging.
Needs to have DEBUG_PARPORT to be defined for it to be included.
2001-05-03 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Fix the compile problem I introduce from the last
2001-04-20 Paul Gortmaker <>
* parport_pc.c: Cut down the size quite a bit (more than 4k off
the object, about 1k off the zImage) for the older non-PCI
machines which are typically resource starved anyway...
2001-03-26 R Horn <>
* parport_pc.c: Some commentary changes.
2001-04-19 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_probe_port): Remove __devinit
attribute. Export unconditionally.
2001-04-14 Jeff Garzik <>
Merged: 2001-03-30 Tim Waugh <>
* drivers/parport/parport_pc.c: Make Via SuperIO chipsets behave
like everything else with respect to irq= and dma= parameters.
2001-04-08 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_save_state): Read from the soft copy of
the control port.
(parport_pc_restore_state): Update the soft copy of the control
2001-03-26 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_find_number, parport_find_base): Trigger
a lowlevel driver load if there are no ports yet.
2001-03-26 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_ECP_supported): Remove the IRQ conflict
check since it seems totally unreliable.
2001-03-02 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_read_nibble): Reset nAutoFd
on timeout. Matches 2.2.x behaviour.
2001-03-02 Andrew Morton <>
* parport_pc.c (registered_parport): New static variable.
(parport_pc_find_ports): Set it when we register PCI driver.
(init_module): Unregister PCI driver if necessary when we
2001-03-02 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_write_compat): Don't use
down_trylock to reset the IRQ count. Don't even use sema_init,
because it's not even necessary to reset the count. I can't
remember why we ever did.
2001-01-04 Peter Osterlund <>
* ieee1284.c (parport_negotiate): Fix missing printk argument.
2001-01-03 Paul Schleger <>
* probe.c (parse_data): Get rid of trailing blanks in values.
Needed for XEROX XJ8C printer.
2001-01-03 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_probe_port): Say something when probes
are omitted.
2001-01-03 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (sio_via_686a_probe): Correct dma=255 fix.
2000-11-21 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio): Fix
reverse-to-forward logic. Spotted by Roland Kuck
2000-09-16 Cesar Eduardo Barros <>
* parport_pc.c (sio_via_686a_probe): Handle case
where hardware returns 255 for IRQ or DMA.
2000-07-20 Eddie C. Dost <>
* share.c (attach_driver_chain): attach[i](port) needs to be
replaced by attach[count](port).
2000-07-20 Eddie C. Dost <>
* daisy.c (add_dev): kmalloc args are in wrong order.
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c: Documentation for parport_{get,port}_port,
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_unregister_device): Remove unneeded locking
(test cad==dev).
(parport_claim): Likewise.
(parport_find_number): New function.
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_register_port): Hold the parportlist_lock while
looking for a free parport number.
(parport_register_driver): Make sure that attach can block.
(attach_driver_chain): Likewise.
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (call_driver_chain): Do reference counting things.
(parport_get_port): New function.
(parport_put_port): New function.
(parport_register_port): Initialise reference count to zero.
(parport_unregister_port): Check reference count rather than
driver list to see if we can free the port.
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c: Clarifications in doc comments.
2000-07-12 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_unregister_port): Fix typo in comment.
2000-07-11 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c: Support for the full range of Timedia cards.
2000-07-08 Tim Waugh <>
* daisy.c: License block comments as part of parportbook.
* ieee1284.c: Likewise.
* share.c: Likewise.
2000-06-30 Petr Vandrovec <>
* procfs.c (do_hardware_modes): Generated string can be up to 34
chars long.
2000-06-20 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio): Warn about
change_mode failures.
(parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio): Likewise.
2000-06-20 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_SPP_supported): Warn more about possibly
incorrect parameters.
2000-06-15 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_ECP_supported): Set PARPORT_MODE_COMPAT
for ECP ports, since they can all do hardware accelerated
compatibility mode (I assume).
2000-06-13 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (cleanup_module): Remark about possible bugs.
2000-06-13 Tim Waugh <>
* procfs.c: Break 'hardware' out into separate files.
2000-05-28 Gunther Mayer <>
* Fix PCI ID printk for non-superio PCI cards.
2000-05-28 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (call_driver_chain): Get the driverlist_lock.
(parport_register_device): Make sure that port->devices always
looks consistent.
(parport_register_driver): Ensure that parport drivers are given
parameters that are valid for the duration of the callback by
locking the portlist against changes.
(parport_unregister_driver): Likewise.
(parport_claim): Don't overwrite flags.
2000-05-28 Tim Waugh <>
* daisy.c (assign_addrs): Avoid double-probing daisy-chain devices
if the first probe succeeds.
2000-05-16 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_claim): Fix SMP race.
2000-05-15 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_compat_write_block_pio): Check for
(parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio): Likewise.
(parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio): Likewise.
2000-05-02 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c: PCI SYBA patch and verbose PCI detection.
2000-05-02 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c (decode_smsc): Fix SMSC 665/666 identification.
2000-04-28 Tim Waugh <>
* ieee1284.c: Short function descriptions can't be multiline.
* daisy.c: Short function descriptions can't be multiline.
2000-04-19 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_fifo_write_block_dma): Make maxlen
calculation a bit clearer.
* ieee1284.c (parport_negotiate): Turn on data line drivers.
* ieee1284_ops.c (parport_ieee1284_read_byte): Turn off data line
(parport_ieee1284_write_compat): Turn on data line drivers.
* daisy.c (assign_addrs): Turn on data line drivers.
(cpp_mux): Likewise.
(cpp_daisy): Likewise.
2000-04-04 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Add support for another PCI card.
2000-04-04 Tim Waugh <>
* daisy.c: Documentation in kernel-doc format.
* ieee1284.c: Likewise.
* share.c: Likewise.
2000-04-01 Tim Waugh <>
* share.c (parport_register_device): Need to hold the module
reference counts before sleeping.
2000-03-27 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio): Correct operation
when peripheral is trying to send data when we stop listening.
2000-03-22 Tim Waugh <>
* init.c (parport_setup): Fix return value.
2000-03-21 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_pci_probe): Fix return value; call
2000-03-16 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_ECP_supported): This seems to trigger on
machines that don't have an IRQ conflict; toned down the warning
message accordingly.
2000-03-16 Gunther Mayer <>
* parport_pc.c (show_parconfig_smsc37c669): Fix typo.
(decode_winbond): More IDs.
(winbond_check): Protect against false positives.
(winbond_check2): Likewise.
(smsc_check): Likewise.
2000-03-15 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (cleanup_module): Don't call pci_unregister_driver
if we didn't call pci_register_driver first.
2000-03-13 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (parport_pc_init): Moved from asm/parport.h.
* parport_pc.c (show_parconfig_smsc37c669): Make __devinit.
(show_parconfig_winbond): Likewise.
(decode_winbond): Likewise.
(decode_smsc): Likewise.
(winbond_check): Likewise.
(winbond_check2): Likewise.
(smsc_check): Likewise.
(detect_and_report_winbond): Likewise.
(detect_and_report_smsc): Likewise.
(get_superio_dma): Likewise.
(get_superio_irq): Likewise.
(parport_pc_find_isa_ports): New function.
(parport_pc_find_ports): New function.
(init_module): Make superio a config option, not a parameter.
2000-03-10 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c (decode_winbond): Use correct 83877ATF chip ID.
(decode_winbond): Fix typo.
2000-03-09 Tim Waugh <>
* parport_pc.c: Integrate SuperIO PCI probe with normal PCI card
probe, so that the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE is complete.