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if ARCH_S390
comment "S/390 block device drivers"
depends on ARCH_S390
tristate "XPRAM disk support"
depends on ARCH_S390
Select this option if you want to use your expanded storage on S/390
or zSeries as a disk. This is useful as a _fast_ swap device if you
want to access more than 2G of memory when running in 31 bit mode.
This option is also available as a module which will be called
xpram. If unsure, say "N".
config DCSSBLK
tristate "DCSSBLK support"
Support for dcss block device
config DASD
tristate "Support for DASD devices"
depends on CCW
Enable this option if you want to access DASDs directly utilizing
S/390s channel subsystem commands. This is necessary for running
natively on a single image or an LPAR.
bool "Profiling support for dasd devices"
depends on DASD
Enable this option if you want to see profiling information
in /proc/dasd/statistics.
config DASD_ECKD
tristate "Support for ECKD Disks"
depends on DASD
ECKD devices are the most commonly used devices. You should enable
this option unless you are very sure to have no ECKD device.
config DASD_FBA
tristate "Support for FBA Disks"
depends on DASD
Select this option to be able to access FBA devices. It is safe to
say "Y".
config DASD_DIAG
tristate "Support for DIAG access to Disks"
depends on DASD && ( ARCH_S390X = 'n' || EXPERIMENTAL)
Select this option if you want to use Diagnose250 command to access
Disks under VM. If you are not running under VM or unsure what it is,
say "N".
config DASD_CMB
tristate "Compatibility interface for DASD channel measurement blocks"
depends on DASD
This driver provides an additional interface to the channel measurement
facility, which is normally accessed though sysfs, with a set of
ioctl functions specific to the dasd driver.
This is only needed if you want to use applications written for
linux-2.4 dasd channel measurement facility interface.