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#ifndef _H8300_SHM_H
#define _H8300_SHM_H
#include <linux/config.h>
/* format of page table entries that correspond to shared memory pages
currently out in swap space (see also mm/swap.c):
bits 0-1 (PAGE_PRESENT) is = 0
bits 8..2 (SWP_TYPE) are = SHM_SWP_TYPE
bits 31..9 are used like this:
bits 15..9 (SHM_ID) the id of the shared memory segment
bits 30..16 (SHM_IDX) the index of the page within the shared memory segment
(actually only bits 25..16 get used since SHMMAX is so low)
bit 31 (SHM_READ_ONLY) flag whether the page belongs to a read-only attach
/* on the m68k both bits 0 and 1 must be zero */
/* format on the sun3 is similar, but bits 30, 31 are set to zero and all
others are reduced by 2. --m */
#ifndef CONFIG_SUN3
#define SHM_ID_SHIFT 9
#define SHM_ID_SHIFT 7
#define _SHM_ID_BITS 7
#define SHM_ID_MASK ((1<<_SHM_ID_BITS)-1)
#define _SHM_IDX_BITS 15
#define SHM_IDX_MASK ((1<<_SHM_IDX_BITS)-1)
#endif /* _H8300_SHM_H */