Merge tag 'block-5.15-2021-09-05' of git://

Pull block fixes from Jens Axboe:
 "Was going to send this one in later this week, but given that -Werror
  is now enabled (or at least available), the mq-deadline fix really
  should go in for the folks hitting that.

   - Ensure dd_queued() is only there if needed (Geert)

   - Fix a kerneldoc warning for bio_alloc_kiocb()

   - BFQ fix for queue merging

   - loop locking fix (Tetsuo)"

* tag 'block-5.15-2021-09-05' of git://
  loop: reduce the loop_ctl_mutex scope
  bio: fix kerneldoc documentation for bio_alloc_kiocb()
  block, bfq: honor already-setup queue merges
  block/mq-deadline: Move dd_queued() to fix defined but not used warning